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Friday, 10 June 2016

Help needed with our retribution website. pass this around please

I am looking for an expert Web designer who is voting to leave the EU.
and willing to do this out of love.

But if you give me access to one subdirectory for access to all SHTML files only, additions and changes of copy won't cause you extra work as I am experienced enough to handle that. In addition, by only having access to SHTML files, I can't bugger up your structure :-) Once designed, there will be little for you to do, other than a little housekeeping now and again.

If you don't understand the above paragraph it may be best for you to pass this by.

The name of the web site will be called RETRIBUTION and will last until the 2020 General Election. The web address is

I am also looking for someone willing to fund this with a well established service provider until end May 2020. It will have a page for every pro EU MP and a few extra pages for each class of pro EU companies which trade with the general public.

For more information please use the email form in the left hand column with an abridged CV. I will write back with my full details after checking that you are genuine and not an enemy plant, which I expect to have many of,

My credentials, which can be checked with Leave.EU and GO is that I run a team of over thirty volunteers who leaflet most days and we run a Saturday stall every week for GO in Barnet.


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