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Friday, 6 May 2016

Brexit is awash with problems if we invoke the horrific Article50. [Petition]

Would my regular visitors consider signing the following petition on the government website?

The Petition reads:
Before I decided on this petition I spoke to five Conservative friends and three Socialist friends who were all for Leaving, and they said they could support my idea.
  When you click on the More Details, it continues:
There are huge pitfalls if the Leave campaign wins the referendum. Article50 is the worst, the Norwegian and Swiss options are not necessary for the fifth strongest economy in the world.

Mr Batten has written an excellent book ”The Road to Freedom: How Britain Can Escape the EU” showing the traps and tricks that Article50 invokes so that we could be kept in each 'two year period', then extended every two years, indefinitely. As Nigel Farage is a little like Marmite (people either love him or hate him) Mr Batten would be an ideal replacement.

After all, should you read the book, you'll see Mr Batten is an expert on Article 50!

The link is at:


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