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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Remain Group exposed and other referendum information

Boris is leading the way, and certainly he won't be chums with Cameron any more.

Boris also points the finger of blame at the EU for the situation in Ukraine (as UKIP [and I] have argued for some time). And Boris is immediately smeared (as UKIP has been) as "a friend of Putin".  Responding to the Prime Minister's paranoid claims yesterday, Boris adds the (fairly obvious) point that Brexit will not spark World War Three.

Boris's Five Questions: In a move reminiscent of Gordon Brown's famous "five tests" on the €uro, Boris poses Five Questions for David Cameron and the Remain Campaign to answer.
  1. How can you possibly control EU immigration into this country?
  2. The Living Wage is an excellent policy, but how will you stop it being a big pull factor for uncontrolled EU migration, given that it is far higher than minimum wages in other EU countries?
  3. How will you prevent the European Court from interfering further in immigration, asylum, human rights, and all kinds of matters which have nothing to do with the so-called Single Market?
  4. Why did you give up the UK veto on further moves towards a fiscal and political union?
  5. How can you stop us from being dragged in, and from being made to pay?
Some good questions, there, but you may have a long wait before Cameron or the Remain groups will reply. Don't hold your breathe.

I have noted, over the months, that most of UKIP problems have been caused by what I call "professional politicians" from the Tory camp. Namely, Douglas Carswell and Suzanne Evans, aided and abetted by an ex Daily Express hack.

And now, according to the Mirror rag, there may be trouble with Neil Hamilton. A meeting today will establish whether that's true or not. I'll add anything I learn as a comment below.

Col. Richard Kemp wrote during his long article in Breitbart:
"The Duke of Marlborough, Churchill’s ancestor and victor at Blenheim, would certainly have voted for Brexit. His greatest victory was won against Louis XIV’s France when he destroyed the prospect of a European super state.

" To compare the battles, campaigns and wars won by Marlborough, Nelson, Wellington, Lloyd-George, Haig, Churchill, and Montgomery with the pusillanimous conduct of the EU leadership is actually beyond parody. These were men of intellect and steel: valiant, determined, resolute, and unyielding".
I'll end with the following which was on an email list I'm on, sent in by Cathleen, and were Boris's words:
"Above all – to get to the third key point of the Remainers – if we leave the EU we will not, repeat not, be leaving Europe. Of all the arguments they make, this is the one that infuriates me the most. I am a child of Europe. I am a liberal cosmopolitan and my family is a genetic UN peacekeeping force.

"I can read novels in French and I can sing the Ode to joy in German, and if they keep accusing me of being a Little Englander, I will. Both as editor of the Spectator and Mayor of London I have promoted the teaching of modern European languages in our schools. I have dedicated much of my life to the study of the origins of our common – our common - European culture and civilization in ancient Greece and Rome.

"So I find if offensive, insulting, irrelevant and positively cretinous to be told – sometimes by people who can barely speak a foreign language – that I belong to a group of small-minded xenophobes; because the truth is it is Brexit that is now the great project of European liberalism, and I am afraid that it is the European Union – for all the high ideals with which it began, that now represents the ancient regime.

"It is we who are speaking up for the people, and it is they who are defending an obscurantist and universalist system of government that is now well past its sell by date and which is ever more remote from ordinary voters.

"It is we in the Leave Camp – not they – who stand in the tradition of the liberal cosmopolitan European enlightenment – not just of Locke and Wilkes, but of Rousseau and Voltaire; and though they are many, and though they are well-funded, and though we know that they can call on unlimited taxpayer funds for their leaflets, it is we few, we happy few who have the inestimable advantage of believing strongly in our cause, and that we will be vindicated by history; and we will win for exactly the same reason that the Greeks beat the Persians at Marathon – because they are fighting for an outdated absolutist ideology, and we are fighting for freedom.

"That is the choice on June 23."


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