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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Students, wondering what to study?

My tip is to wait until the 24th June and, if we elect to stay in the EU, I suggest you consider electrical engineering.

South Africa is crying out for electrical engineers, they have excellent white engineers but have sacked them as they only have a small quota for employing whites. See here. The trouble is, they did the same for teachers so now have very few teachers and none bright enough to train engineers. Eskom, the state company supplying electricity is falling down for a shortage of skilled workers. Whereas they can't employ white South Africans, if you work under contract, you might get work there, whether white or black. And name your price!

South Africa, other than the Western Cape, is quite a dangerous country. However, if we elect to remain in the European Union, you will find South Africa a lot safer than the new United Kingdom.


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