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Monday, 4 April 2016

Multi-national empires never work in the long run.

Interesting piece by UKIP's Margot Parker MEP

Multi-national empires never work in the long run.

If you travel to Northern-Africa today, in the hot sands of Egypt for example, you can see the ruins of opulent buildings of the once mighty Roman Empire. The remnants of the Roman courts, palaces and gymnasia are dotted all over this continent and others.

People were once taught to believe that the Roman Empire would last forever, that it was invincible, indestructible - and most importantly inevitable; that here was no alternative but to be obedient and to submit to its political and military power. This was not true.

A study of history shows us that large multi-national empires, or political unions if you like, do not work. They do not function properly and furthermore, do not survive. Where today is the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, or the Austro-Hungarian Empire? They are all finished, their once proud monuments covered over by the sands of time.

Spurred on by events, the peoples of these once powerful political unions, acted to seek one of the most precious things that a people can possess - their freedom and the ability to determine their own future.

Not to mention the Soviet Union which lasted a mere 70 years. And, when we leave the European Union, they will slowly collapse, unless we try to leave under the evil "article 50" plan, which will keep us in as full members, paying the whole amount, for two years and, if the other members in the EU vote to keep us in for another two years, we have to continue paying. This can go on every two years indefinitely. Gerard Batten MEP has a better plan, but Cameron won't even entertain anything from UKIP.


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