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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

London-wide Assembly Member candidates 2016

The most important party is listed first, and the rest are in alphabetical order.

UK Independence Party (UKIP)
    WHITTLE, Peter Robin
    KURTEN, David Michael
    WEBB, Lawrence James
    HARRIS, Peter James
    WATSON, Neville Kenneth
    WAUCHOPE, Piers
    AFZAL, Akram
    JONES, Elizabeth Eirwen
    SAEED, Tariq
    VACHHA, Freddy
    STAVELEY, Peter

Animal Welfare Party
    HUDSON, Vanessa Helen
    HOMAN, Jonathan David Burton
    BOURKE, Alexander Leslie
    SEDDON, Linda Irene
    CSONTOS, Zsanett

Britain First - Putting British people first

    FRANSEN, Jayda
    GOLDING, Paul
    ELSTONE, Jake
    SMITH, Christine Beryl
    ELSTONE, Anne
    SMITH, Nancy
    ROUSE, Hollie
    SAUNDERS, Peggy
    KING, Donna
    MCMULLEN, Kevan
    CONNOR, Steven

British National Party
    FURNESS, David
    STURDY, Paul Leslie William
    CLARKE, John James
    JONES, Michael
    FINCH, Peter
    FINCH, Nicola Anne
    UNDERWOOD, Denise
    DILLON, Stephen
    DALTON, Philip
    TONKS, Roger William
    JONES, Gareth William
    SMITH, Bede Ewing

Caroline Pidgeon's London Liberal Democrats
    PIDGEON, Caroline Valerie
    DAVEY, Emily Jane
    EMERSON, Merlene Soo Chin Toh
    BLACKIE, Robert
    POLANSKI, Zack
    BARNES, Dawn
    MULLIN, Annabel Jean Charlotte
    RAY, Marisha Priyanka
    PEARCE, Pauline
    MATHIS, Benjamin

Christian Peoples Alliance
    MARTIN, Malcolm Kershaw
    MARTIN, Maureen Maud
    AWOLOLA, Yemi
    SPIBY-VANN, Helen
    TOWEY, Ray
    ADEWUYI, Damilola
    MILLS, Kathy
    SHEDONO, Kayode
    COKE, Des
    DICKENSON, Ashley Keith
    HAMMOND, Stephen
    NICHOLS, Kevin William

Conservative Party

    BADENOCH, Kemi
    BOFF, Andrew
    BAILEY, Shaun
    HALL, Susan Mary
    BHOGAL, Amandeep Singh
    LABAN, Joanne Louise
    COX, Antonia Mary
    BARNES, Timothy
    STAFFORD, Gregory
    DEVANI, Kishan Rajesh
    COPE, Jonathan

Green Party - "vote Green on orange"
    BERRY, Sian Rebecca
    RUSSELL, Caroline
    ALI, Shahrar
    BARTLEY, Jonathan
    LYNCH, Noel Thomas
    NIX, Rashid
    SEARLE, Dee
    HAMDACHE, Benali
    CAREY FULLER, Andrea Elizabeth
    UNDERWOOD, Peter

Labour Party
    TWYCROSS, Fiona Ruth
    COPLEY,  Tom Phillip
    GAVRON, Nicky
    QURESHI, Murad
    MOORE, Alison
    TABOIS, Preston
    DEMIRCI, Feryal
    KATZ, Mike
    BROTHERS, Emily
    POWELL, Bevan Anthony
    HYDE, Sara

Respect (George Galloway)
    GALLOWAY, George
    MAHMOOD, Akib Naheem
    MICKAIL, Rayne
    MCCAUGHEY, Clare
    ALI, Rehiana
    HOY, Terry
    ALLEN, Tim
    VIRGO, Simon James
    DUTT, Saurav
    MAHMOOD, Tehmeena
    LOCKHART, Karina

The House Party - Homes For Londoners
    MCGRENERA, Terry

Women's Equality Party

    WALKER, Sophie
    IYENGAR, Harini
    GUDERLEY, Jacquelyn Elaine
    PARASRAM, Isabelle Amanda
    HOWARD, Melanie
    SHAW, Joanna Elizabeth
    DHAMI, Anila
    MASSEY-CHASE, Katherine Leah
    MARSHALL, Alison Hilary
    PAOUROS, Christina Andria
    MANSON JONES, Rebecca Catherine

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