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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Why Immigrants with British Nationality should vote to Leave the EU

Not having an open door policy isn't racist, but common sense.

How can the government plan for the future with hospitals, the number of doctors and nurses needed? Or the number of schools required, and the number of teachers to man the schools? Because the government can have no idea of the numbers to cater for.

How can the government plan for housing, roads and general infrastructure if, once again they have no idea of the number of people coming to the UK.

How can British business, 85% of whom do not export, spend so much time on the red tape? They have to abide by the same rules as the 15% who export to the EU! They can't build their business up so that they can employ more of our unemployed, can they?

How will your children ever afford their own home when the government can't build enough houses as they have no idea of how many? How will your children ever afford their own home when wages are kept artificially low? There is so much labour now available that the employer can dictate wages.

Voting to stay seem to be very much like turkeys voting for Christmas to come earlier.

It's your life and your children's life as well, you know.


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