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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Who made this brilliant video of Trump? I hope the Brexit Movie people are as good!

There are two abilities you need to be a President or Prime (First) Minister of a country:
  1. To be able to pick your best advisers.
  2. To know when not to follow their advice.
When you've seen this video, I think you'll agree, he picked the best professional video maker in the USA to make it.

Do I want him to win? I live and vote in the UK so can't have a vote. Am I for or against Donald Trump? A very difficult question to answer.

First of all, out of all the nominees for the Republican nominee, he is definitely the only one not owned by the Establishment. So yes, my leanings would be towards anyone not in the pocket and controlled by the Establishment.

Secondly, if he wins the nomination and is put up against Billary Clinton (no spelling error here) who would I want to win. Reading all I have about Hillary Clinton, I can see she will continue all Obama's policies. I am convinced Obama has set out to ruin America. Just as our own Prime Minister has set out to ruin what was once "Great" Britain. So, therefore, the answer must be "yes" I want him to win the Presidency, And if I were a religious person, I'd pray to God he can rescue his country. And if I were also an American, I would pray I had made the right choice and interpretation of his motives.


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