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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

We have to be prepared, in case the Remainers win

Now that Turkey is being super-fast tracked into the EU, we could have Turks arriving as early as the end of June.

We must be ready for them, as Englishmen can...

OK, maybe a jest, but I am sure shotguns will be primed all over England, remember, we not only have to protect our womenfolk, and our daughters (from the age of nine), but information coming out of the Calais camps is the economic migrants are going after little boys as well.

We must start spreading the message that we will mobilise in 2020, and any constituency with a pro staying MP will be targeted, reminding people which way they voted. By 2020, the full scale of the horror will be well documented. We must ensure they lose their positions of power, and their livelihood.

We must be prepared to protect our loved ones in case we lose the referendum.

We must be prepared to protect our loved ones, in case we win the referendum, and Cameron finds a way to ignore the majorities wishes and keeps us in the European Union. He will if he can, he more then likely has a top job promised there in 2020!


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