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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Trident Facts by @afneil

@afneil: Some facts about Trident, whether you're for or against:

1/6 Only the PM can authorise the use of British nuclear deterrent

2/6: UK deterrent is assigned to NATO but can be used without NATO sanction in "supreme national emergency".

3/6 The US cannot prevent, veto or forbid use of Trident if situation deemed by PM to supreme national emergency

4/6 UK draws Trident missiles from commingled US/UK missile pool.

5/6 If use contemplated for NATO purposes, allies must be consulted.

6/6 US can't thwart deployment by "switching off" GPS. Trident not satellite guided. Uses stellar guidance ie stars. US can't switch them off

Thank you for this Mr Neil.


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