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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The problem on social media for Leavers

The intellectual arguments aren't going to win this referendum.

The only way we have a chance to win is to mobilise the millions of younger working men and women who are more concerned with feeding their families and saving up for their own home, than whether we should remain in the European Union or not.

I spend a lot of time, on Twitter, fighting for the 'Leave' group. I see lots of tweets  mentioning how evil the bogey men are. To be more effective, you need to pick a subject that interests ordinary hard working folk and try and put it down without actually mentioning the EU or European Union.

A short message stating “There will never be a chance for young working families to afford their own home if we cannot control our borders” is more powerful than, we don't want all these immigrants flooding in. The latter is more important to you and me, dear reader, but not for the millions we need to mobilise.

Isn't one saying “It is estimated a family of four will save £906 a year if we can control our fish and our farmers grow whatever food is needed”  more powerful than saying what a bastard we all know Cameron is?

How much more fitting than harping on about the £13,000,000,000 net per year we pay to the EU. And, before you mention all the laws that come from the EU, ordinary working folk haven't actually noticed the huge changes that have occurred since the seventies, and don't believe stories that they consider wild – but which we know is the truth.

So, on twitter, keep your tweets to one point only. Don't mention the EU, and here is something I used to tell my 25 salesman when I was a sales manager which you should remember.
The customer doesn't care about our fucking company, he cares even less about you. He is not at all interested in the product, as such, that you are showing him. His only interest is “What's in it for me!”. Go tell him what he's going to get out of it. Sell benefits and not features.
Remember, all you 'Leavers' reading this. You are selling a product. The product is 'Leaving the EU'. Sell benefits, tell people what they will get out of it if they buy.

So we come to the KISS principle. 'Keep it simple, Stupid'. The 'stupid' bit refers to the person who makes it complex.

Leaving the EU will mean we are sovereign and free. Bollocks! So what? If we can trawl our own fish and grow food instead of grass, our food will be cheaper, leaving an extra thousand a year to put towards a mortgage. Ah! Sounds interesting!

Open up a document in your computer, or carry a notebook, every time you read something in the paper, write it down. Every time you think of something, write it down. Plan. Remember the seven Ps - an old military saying: Proper, Prior, Planning, Prevents, Piss, Poor, Performance.

Plan your twitter or your Facebook attack, be armed and prepared.


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