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Friday, 18 March 2016

Should you leave the toilet seat up or down, and why women are wrong.

A short tweet.

Now I have your full attention :-)

Men or women should not be concerned with the toilet seat.

You need to put the cover down. and before you flush the toilet as, if you don't, just imagine all those germs shooting into the air as the flushing water hits the... errr... pan.



snellgrove said...

Maybe women think that it is more hygienic. I may have been brainwashed but I now think it is the right thing to put the seat down.

I am not sure if I pay the same attention in the case of public toilets.

Andrew Ampers Taylor said...

Brian, not talking about the seat, but the whole cover. The seat alone won't stop the germs whooshing into the air. Andrew.

David Lewis said...

I've been putting the seat cover down before flushing for years, and for exactly the reason you give. In fact it's a good idea to flush (with seat cover down) as soon as possible after getting up, to clear the air sooner, even if it means flushing a second time to get rid of the paper. I could go on, but further information might be surplus to requirements.