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Sunday, 20 March 2016

It is so easy to manipulate polls

It is so easy to manipulate polls

If the managers of a POLL company gets a customer wanting a poll, and the manager wants future business from that customer, he attempts to find out what results the customer is looking for.

And attempts to give him that result.

And the gullible public believes, hook , line and sinker.

But this could never happen in Britain.

Supposing a party with a Moslem contender wants to be a mayor of that town, then the poll company sends canvassers out to ask the right questions, just making sure enough canvassers visit the Moslem parts of the town to skew the results.

Telephone canvassers can pick Moslem names in the phone directory.

And, guess what, the poll shows most of the inhabitants in the town are hoping the Moslem person would win. Even though the non-Moslems are 80% of the town, and want someone else to be mayor.

I have picked an easy case here, but as many types and classes of people have different names, for phone canvassers, and frequent different shopping areas, for example Old Bond Street in London for the upper class moneyed viewpoint (if you have to ask the price you can't afford it) or outside BHS for a different viewpoint entirely.

Naturally, British poll companies are as honest as all "establishment" owned companies are, and wouldn't dream of influencing the general public to enable their close friends to get the results they crave. Oh no. Never.


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