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Monday, 14 March 2016

Hate him, or love him, why it is important for Trump to win.

The American circus - err... I mean election - is much more important than most can imagine.

It is not now about who becomes President of America. Neither Donald Trump, nor Billery Clinton (no not a spelling error) will be able to do everything they want. Remember, the Americans also have their own civil service.

It is about ordinary people. For the first time in living history, they will have fought the establishment and won. It will give encouragement, not only to their, and our, once great nations, but will give hope for the many democracies throughout the world.

There are many conspiracy theories concerning the establishment, in the USA, the EU and in Britain. Most of them are idiotic, but why should they all be false? One or more might be fact. We are too ready to "poo-poo" conspiracy theories.I'm not offering my views on any here, other than I am sure there are people above the White House, our Parliament, and the EU faceless commissioners, who really pull the power strings.


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Charley Quinton said...

It's good to get some 'foreign' perspective on this. If Trump wins, we're all doomed. If the Clintons win, we're all doomed. We're ALL doomed no matter who wins. The billionaires run the planet and will destroy the it with nukes before they let go of the reins. No elected officials in the world run anything. Democracy is a myth.