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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Ten excellent reasons to leave the EU.

A fellow member of my Leave.EU Finchley Group wrote this to the local newspaper, it will be interesting to see if it is published.

The Editor
Barnet Times series
By email

Dear Madam/Sir


In or out? Here are ten reasons for not remaining in the EU

1 We will pay at least £50 million a day to keep up the unelected European Commission and the parliaments in Brussels and Strasbourg if we remain in the EU

2 Our MPs will have even less power to make laws as 75% of laws are already made by the European parliament.

3 Decisions on who can enter the UK will be made by the EU not the UK – priority will continue to be given to unemployed people from EU countries (soon to include Turkey, according to Germany’s Angela Merkel ) over skilled people (and relatives) from Commonwealth countries such as India , Pakistan, Zimbabwe and  Australia.

4 If we remain we can’t negotiate our own trade deals with major world countries such as USA China India and Japan unlike independent countries such as Canada and Switzerland.

5 If  we remain, former (failed) politicians such as Lord Mandelson and Neil Kinnock will continue to collect fat salaries for sitting as ((unelected) commissioners in Brussels – on the ‘gravy train’!

6 We will no longer be able to control our legal justice system if we remain – our traditional court structures will change.

7 The Transatlantic trade agreement (TTIP) the EU is secretly negotiating with the USA means that if we remain, large USA pharmaceutical companies will have preferred status in bidding for NHS equipment contracts  at vastly increased costs and  our courts will have no jurisdiction over them.

8 Our children and grandchildren might well  be enlisted to join the planned European army.

9 We joined the original EEC (European Economic Community) in 1975 under  false pretences. Edward Heath, then prime minister, told us we were not signing up to political union. Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher warned us not to become part of a European state.

10 There is a ‘secret agenda’ by those who hold power in the EU to increase their hold and further marginalise the democratic decisions of individual voters – divide and conquer!!

Maybe someone could write in to state ten valid reasons for remaining in the EU?
Yours faithfully
David G*******

Name obscured to protect the guilty innocent.

If any pro-EU Remainers would like to reply with ten good reasons why we should stay, please feel free to comment below. Mind you, you'll be taken to task if you tell any Camerons. (Lies.)


1 comment:

jonfree said...

Indeed I subscribe to all ten reasons & more besides-however let us not forget about Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which provides a procedure for a negotiated withdrawal of any member state. Prior to the Lisbon Treaty there was no mechanism for any country to leave the EU. Any country simply had to invoke their sovereign right & tear up the Treaty-realising this the EU quickly constructed a mechanism for preventing a country leaving, hence article 50, which although it provides a proedure for a 'negotiated' withdrawal, nevertheless could take 2 yrs- however the UK government & European Council can agree to extend that period again & again indefinitely if they decide. Meanwhile Britain would during this period still remain bound by all EU Treaties, Regulations & Directives. The EU undoubtedly will make it as difficult as possible for Britain to withdraw, if the vote is to Leave. Think however we shall be lucky to be clear within 2 yrs. They the politicians & the EU must not be trusted-the people if necessary must desolve Parliament.