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Saturday, 20 February 2016

The GO rally at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre last night, the right camera to use.

Did you see those huge cameras with massive lenses, with one old guy (nearly as old as me) with one so large he needed a monopod to use it?

Well, I use the Lumix TZ70. It really is extremely tiny.

This is what it looks like in your hand...

 But it really is very powerful, with a 30x magnification with image stabilisation. Here are two photographs, both taken from my seat in the GO auditorium. The first one with the lens in the normal position, and the second one in the fully 30x extended position. 

The second picture is of her, not of the screen above her. I tried taking the shots of the larger screen  but they came out too wishy washy.

Kate Hoey
I used to carry a haversack, with two DSLR bodies, two powerful flashguns, four lenses up to 300mm, and all the other paraphernalia that photographers have to carry.

Now I have the TZ70 which, apart from the powerful flashguns, handles about 90% of what that lot did! And the TZ70 can also work, without flash, in nearly dark situations. Last year, in Kinderdijk, I took photographs inside a dark windmill but wasn't allowed to use flash. They came out beautifully.

Two items I must have in any camera is a viewfinder as the back screen isn't always conducive for certain types of shot. The other thing is, I love to work with RAW, as you can do so much more when you are back on the computer. The TZ70 has a viewfinder at top left, and handles the RAW format.

Am I totally sold on the TZ series? Put it this way, I have had TZ models since the TZ10, and, no doubt, when they bring out the TZ80, I'll sell this and buy the later one.

Here's information on the TZ70 from Panasonic.


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