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Friday, 5 February 2016

Can a webdesigner help please?

I used to build my own websites but at 76 my memory is not so good.

I want to put my own html home page up in Firefox with links to about 40 websites I use regularly.

A skilled designer could get this wrapped up in five minutes.

Heading: white Helvetica wording on a black background panel. Wording: "Ampers' Websites",  in <h1> bold. Panel to stretch right across the page, about two inches above and below the wording

I need two columns so maybe tables is not the complete answer?

I'd like a subheading between collections of websites. <h4> bold. I like to group then along the lines of Banking, Shopping, Utilities etc.

Please populate two under a sub heading of sub1 in the left hand column and two under a Subheading of sub2 in the right hand column. About 10 point helvetica.

Underneath, a footer also white letters on a black background with the words "Ampers home page" in <h5> bold Helvetica. Panel to stretch right across the page, about an inch above and below the wording

If you can help me, please leave me a message in the private email form on the left.

If you know any Web designers, please pass this on.


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