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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Breathing for energy

Just completed a 30 day, 30 CD course: Anthony Robbins "Personal Power" ($199), mainly for my wife as I had previously attended his long weekend "Awaken the Giant Within" and already practice a lot of it.

I have to admit, it was the best £160 I have spent for a long time. I only wish it had been available back in 1955 when I came to England.

On his CD covering our ability to energise yourself, he told us about the 1-4-2 principle.

Our corpuscles in our blood stream need cleaning on a daily basis. This is done by the lymph in your blood stream but it needs your help to do the job efficiently.

The 1-4-2 principle is very simple but very effective, and the oxygen flows in and out of your blood stream rapidly and removes all the dirt and dead cells.

When you are out walking, but not in heavy traffic, try to do this, ten times, three times a day. Within a fortnight you will begin to see the change in your energy levels.

I am seventy-six, I get up just after my 6:30am alarm, and am busy throughout the day, and am often sorting out my computer problems until midnight. And no, I have never slept in the afternoon!

OK, assuming you want to at least give this a try for a couple of weeks (I have been doing it for years) here's what you do.

Breathe in for one count, hold your breathe for four counts, and breathe out for two counts. That's all there is to it. Well, nearly all!

It is ideal to do this when walking. Assuming you walk two paces a second, breathe in for two paces, hold your breath for eight paces, and breathe out for four paces. The secret is to breathe vigorously, and after holding your breath, breathe out equally vigorously.

I now breathe in for four paces, hold my breath for 16 paces, and breathe out for 8 paces. Still keeping to the 1-4-2 principle.


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