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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Some frightening information about the EU.

Once the EU have their own Army, Air Force and Navy, what we all think of their dictatorship will be nothing to what it will be then.

This can be only avoided, or at least put back for a decade or two, if we deny them our money. This is an ideal time with Germany and France having to deal with their huge immigration problems to be able to make up the financial loss themselves very easily.
In addition, once we pull back and leave, this might encourage other European countries to leave. Especially when the EU will demand money from them all to make up our shortfall.

So, by leaving the EU, we might escape a fully fledged EU dictatorship. By staying in, we will allow it to happen.

I was at Rodney's presentation in 2008, at the Houses of Parliament, it was in a Committee Room in the House of Lords. I came away in a daze.


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