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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Tax Avoidance, who are the real culprits?

I'd like to make a few points about the Amazon controversy over their Corporate Tax avoidance. And, the present case of Google. First of all, there are two types of avoiding the paying of tax, whether Corporate or Personal.

Tax Avoidance
Tax Evasion.

Tax evasion is illegal and heaven help you if you evade tax and come to the notice of the Inland Revenue. Apart from a highly likely prison sentence (our government hates competition) they'll be on your back for the rest of your life.

On the other hand, tax avoidance is perfectly legal. The tax rule book, at 17,000 pages, is ridiculously long and, has to be by definition, a crock of gold for skilled accountants, who will easily find ways of lessening their clients tax bill. The reason it has grown so long is crass laziness on the part of the government to do anything about it. Amazon's duty to its shareholders, is to pay as little as possible . And remember, if you have a private pension, it will consist of shares from all Corporates, who hire top accountants to minimise their tax payments. And probably your State Pension as well, they aren't going to put it in a bank!

I won't even talk about the EU allowing large corporations to pick the best EU country to base their head office in for tax purposes. But, most of my readers know my thoughts on the EU!

By all means get hot under the collar about the tax avoidance, but channel your ire to the culprits, our lazy British MPs!

Whilst we are on the subject of Amazon, I must admit I am a prolific buyer there. So much, that I do get preferential treatment when I am not satisfied with the goods and want to send them back.

In addition, I pay the seventy odd pounds a year to be a member of Amazon Prime. I get free delivery, and the next day for all Amazon products. And mostly, third party sellers, if they know you are on Prime, tend to get their goods off to you to receive them the next day, two at the most.

Amazon give you a £1 discount off any Kindle Book or digital music for each time you elect for a slower delivery. I try to do this seventy odd times a year so I get the Prime for free. In addition, Amazon allow Prime customers to stream huge amounts of music, I presently can stream about a thousand songs or classical music pieces. In addition, I have the Amazon Fire gadget plugged into my TV and can stream hundreds of films and television episodes for free.

The one good thing is, by being so successful, Amazon have been responsible for many firms offering an Internet shopping service. Just Google the huge Selfridge store in Oxford Street, in London. You will see they do Internet shopping and even offer click and collect if you are local and want to save on carriage.

Amazon, like Google, are hated, especially by the left. They feel it is obscene to be so successful. But these companies started with nothing, with an idea, that the early directors pushed into highly successful companies. These people hate success. Personally, I say, good luck to them. I shall continue to use Google and buy from Amazon.


Sunday, 24 January 2016

A powerful tool for the all the "Leave the EU" teams

Winston Churchill had some good ideas

Back in my younger days, I used this to make a sale.

The left hand column must always be totally blank. In the right hand column I would add all the benefits the prospect would get by buying my product. When I finished, I'd hand the A4 sheet to him and ask him to fill in, on the left, all the reasons why he shouldn't buy the product. Of course, when you do that, the brain freezes and he would be lucky to list two or three.

As a group leader for Leave.EU, I thought I'd use the same powerful tool to persuade people on the cusp or leaning towards staying in the EU to change their direction. 

Naturally, the died in the wool people who hate our country couldn't be pursuaded. 

So take an A4 sheet any sheet, use the back of a letter if you want. now add "Why we should stay" on the left half, and "Why we should leave" on the right.

Then write down all the reasons why we should leave on the right hand side, dovetail them to the other persons possible interests, in their home, or job if you know them well enough!

This way you might counter any possible arguments they may think of before they occur. 

Fill the right hand column, note that a certain amount of homework is necessary before you attempt this if you really want to succeed.

Here is a sample page, OK, I have already typed in the right hand column, you shouldn't. It has to be spontaneous, which is why you need to rephrase good arguments into short sharp sntences.


Have fun but remember, we have to win this battle.


Friday, 22 January 2016

The most intelligent man in all of Europe.

Oskar Freysinger, a member of the Swiss Parliament ...truth with passion that few politicians in most countries speak.  Maybe an awareness of what’s happening will dawn on both sides of parliament in all European countries, before it’s too late?

For me, the most concerning aspect of this clip, is that it was produced before the carefully coordinated New Years Eve violation of German women…..who knew….he did.

It is in German but with excellent En266glish subtitles.

Is there a single person, in our British parliament with his acumen and intelligence? This has to travel, before our referendum, far and wide


Thursday, 7 January 2016

Two excellent apps for testing your router and mobile signals.

Just a short article, no real explanations, just how good I find these two apps are.

I have downloaded about twenty apps on Android on Wi-Fi. One by one I deleted them as not being "up to the mark".

The two I was left with were both written by Andreas Kraemer who, I presume, must be extremely knowledgeable, both about Wi-Fi and about programming - as the apps are both extremely informative, and work exceedingly well.

They are both PEGI 3 which one would expect (PEGI 3 indicates the app is suitable for all ages).

The more useful one for the non-technical is Network Signal Info. This has a user base of between one and five million users and is user rated at 4.3 out of five.

The second one, which is only very slightly useful for the non-technical, but probably more useful for the technically minded (although this is very subjective) is WiFi Overview 360. This has a user base of also between one and five million and is user rated at 4.1 out of five.

They both have Pro versions, but I can't remember what I paid for them as the price disappears once one pays for them. I'd be grateful if a non-user of these apps could post the cost of the pro versions in a comment below. The Pro versions have a higher user rated figures. 4.3 for the former and 4.4 for the latter.

Finally, I'd be surprised if these weren't in other app stores as well. Please comment below if they are in your app store.


Some frightening information about the EU.

Once the EU have their own Army, Air Force and Navy, what we all think of their dictatorship will be nothing to what it will be then.

This can be only avoided, or at least put back for a decade or two, if we deny them our money. This is an ideal time with Germany and France having to deal with their huge immigration problems to be able to make up the financial loss themselves very easily.
In addition, once we pull back and leave, this might encourage other European countries to leave. Especially when the EU will demand money from them all to make up our shortfall.

So, by leaving the EU, we might escape a fully fledged EU dictatorship. By staying in, we will allow it to happen.

I was at Rodney's presentation in 2008, at the Houses of Parliament, it was in a Committee Room in the House of Lords. I came away in a daze.