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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sending Christmas Cards, the 21st century way.

Christmas cards

The Taylor Family make our own cards, and send them electronically, by email. People then print them out on A4 paper, fold them twice, and put them on their mantelpiece. So much better than these musical cards which you can't display.

The question I am often asked is, do you get people objecting? The answer is no as I add at the back of the card that I round up the savings on cards, envelopes and postage to £200 and send it to a worthwhile charity in Johannesburg where the twenty ladies who run it take no salary and pay their own expenses – so all my money goes to the sharp end.

To do the job successfully, you need a desktop publishing program. I use Scribus on Linux, but the good news is, they now also offer their Opensource edition for Windows and Apple OX. And, it's totally free. Many desktop programs cost hundred's of pounds, and this does it all.

I include a note in my email to people as such:

Greetings from Finchley.

We don't really like those musical Christmas Cards as the whole nice thing about cards is one can stand them on a mantelpiece.

This is why we developed our email card in a pdf which you can print out and put on your mantelpiece – just fold it twice.

We save a considerable amount in postage and cards, so we round this up to £200 and send it to a very needy charity in Johannesburg . We particularly like this charity which is run by 20 wives of doctors, lawyers and bankers, who not only don't take a penny in salary, but they pay their own expenses. The Charity is – do take a look, they do a wonderful job.

After folding, a pair of kitchen scissors could be used to trim the edges.

Andrew & Pam Taylor

We also desktop publish a one page A4 newsletter about all that has happened to us throughout the year to relative and friends we don't see very often. Since we started this, many of our friends have copied the newsletter idea so I thought it would be useful to include this feature here.

There are a lot of Chrismassy pictures on the Internet, and most people won't mind if you use these for your personal Christmas cards.

I have included a picture of our latest card to give you some ideas.

Incidentally, we have separate home phones as our number rings both on our home phone, and on our mobile simultaneously, this is very convenient.


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