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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Honours, UKIP and the House of Lords.

I'm seeing, on Twitter, a general dissatisfaction that no gongs are being presented to UKIP personnel.

You have to understand David Cameron. Apart from being a vindictive and mean spirited person, he has acknowledged by his bad language in calling UKIP names, that he is very concerned that they have the power to disrupt his plans.

However, from my point of view, the last thing I want is to see any UKIP member in the House of Lords under its present format.

In a democracy, I suppose it should be an elected house. Certainly not one of political patronage.

My own feelings on the matter are not generally shared. The basic difference between the present Lords, and the Hereditary Lords is as follows. Five years is a long time for Life Peers (between Governments). However, Hereditary Lords who worked on the basis that a generation was short term and a hundred years or more was considered long term.

No such peer looked upon his ancestral home as being his; he thought of it as being in his trust for the next generation. This is why they were always looking towards the long term future.

These are the people who should be examining government laws, looking for the longer term. Hastily conceived laws were examined and sent back with observations until the law was well written and would achieve what the government were aiming it to achieve.

Let's face it, since the Hereditary Peers were sacked, the Government seem to be getting into more of a mess each year.

Happy New Year!


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