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Friday, 18 December 2015

Astrology, fact or fiction?

Thirty years ago I bought a programmable calculator, and wrote a few penny ante programs for it. A friend said, come to our astrology meetings and learn how to build a program to work out all the star positions at the time and place of birth.

I just laughed, and looked condescendingly at him.

“There's seven women to every man at the meetings.” My friend added.

The next Monday I attended the meeting, and got hooked. I also became interested in Astrology!

To cut a long story short, I took a two year correspondence course and became quite adept at reading people. I was also hated as, at parties, all the women flocked around me to ask me about themselves, and left the men supping beer, fuming, in the background.

But do I believe in it? This is a difficult question to answer with a simple yes or no.

First of all, they (astrologers) make the subject too complex and get lost in the mire. I have to believe astrology can work, I was right too much of the time, and sometimes could guess within two hours what time of the day a person was born, just knowing their sun sign.

Also, astrologers divide the chart into twelve houses. There are as many different ways of choosing the degrees of each house. To me this indicates none of them are correct, so I never used house systems, nor midpoints, nor so many other bits which I thought were irrelevant.

Then there are sun-sign columns in the newspapers, anybody who thinks you can lump all the peoples of the world into twelve divisions must be absolutely mad.

An astrologer looks at the signs, most them look at the houses, then all look at the angles between sun. moon, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune and pluto, some use other less relevant additions. By doing this, they find Grand Trines, T-Squares, Trines, Squares, Septiles etc.

So you see, it can be complicated enough without any more additions. And, you then are dividing the peoples of the world into thousands of divisions.

Then comes the crunch, you have to learn how to look at all this and synthesise att these items into a report on the subject you are investigating.

Once you have done this, you progress the birth chart so many years till the age of your client. That is supposed to give you an idea of what his life will be that year, then there are transits, where the planets are at any given moment of time. These two items I dropped as well.

Carl Gustav Jung had the right idea, he allowed his councillors to use astrology prior to the first meeting of the client, but only to guide his questions, and never to resort to the chart after that. This resulted in obtaining two or three sessions of information all in the first session.

So to sum up, the real problem with astrology are astrologers.


I am a life member of the Astrology Association, but after this, I may be ex-communicated!

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