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Thursday, 5 November 2015

What, exactly, is the British position in the true world?

The following article is from this Wordpress blog and I find it extremely interesting
We are constantly being told by the MSM and the Westminster elite that the UK has the sixth strongest economy in the World. Hmm! 
If this is true:
  • Why are vital services being cut to the bone?
  • Why are our roads crumbling?
  • Why is our rail system the worst in the Western World
  • Why is the NHS in dire straights?
  • Why have police resources and manpower been cut to a bare minimum?
  • Why is local government so strapped for cash that it is closing down vital services such as mental health and maternity outreach?
  • Why, again according to our Westminster elite, are we so dependent on the EU for the continued growth of our economy?
Something just doesn't add up and I suspect that it is the government balance sheet or, is it? 
The Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) list the UK as 5th in the league table for 2014, narrowly in front of France at 6th. The following must be noted when quoting Cebr tables: 
Cebr Global’s World Economic League Table (WELT) is an annual calculation by Cebr Global, Cebr’s global economic consultancy. The base data for 2013 is taken from the IMF World Economic Outlook and the GDP forecast draws on Cebr’s Global Prospects model to forecast growth, inflation and exchange rates. 
You can understand why Cameron and Osborne like these figures. They throw a really favourable light on the UK economy, it must be noted though that France does not include earnings from drugs and prostitution in their calculations if they did they would swop places with the UK. 
Also, when Osborne says that debt has not doubled he is right; debt has risen, it has risen from just under £1 trillion in April 2010 to about £1.5 trillion in February 2015. As a proportion of GDP, it’s risen from just over 60% to 80%. But, as my mother always told me; ‘debt is debt!’
Why am I so sceptical as to what position we are told we hold in the World Economic Table?  Well, if you look at  this shows the UK as being a lowly 28th when worked out by GDP per capita and only ranked 9th when shown by GDP only. I only hold an ‘A’ Level in maths but even I can see that the figures have been manipulated. 
No politician or economist on the Government payroll is going to tell the truth or explain the true nature of the UK finances. So now we have to make do with figures of convenience.  This worries me because half truths and false information have allowed speculators to play havoc with our economy. I would suggest that the lies told by consecutive Chancellors and Government Finance Departments have meant that they had no choice but to turn a blind eye whenever the economy takes a rollercoaster ride.  Is it any wonder that wurle have recession after recession? 
Meanwhile, Osborne keeps borrowing money at an alarming rate. The national debt at the moment stands in excess of £1.6 trillion and rises by £5,170 per second.
The MSM focus on this is tepid at best. This is because it is a figure which can only increase unless the government has a major rethink on financial policy and completely overhauls the system. To quote the UK National Debt Clock, if all liabilities are factored in, including state and public sector pensions, the real national debt is closer to £5trillion, nearly £80,000 for every person in the UK. 
Austerity is one thing but using borrowed money to save money just does not make any sense to me.  Nor does the ridiculous government obsession with foreign aid.  It has been proved that the guardians of this aid money once it leaves our coffers is the UN and, like any good bureaucratic bunch of freeloaders, they pay most of it to themselves in the form of “administrative costs”.  This means that some 60% of the money Osborne borrows for foreign aid is wasted on red tape and bureaucratic nonsense and the only winners are the UN. 
Towns and villages in this country are having to pay through the nose for private security firms to police their streets because the Constabulary are so under-resourced they have to cherry pick which crimes they attend. We have aircraft carriers with no aircraft which is a good thing because we do not have the manpower to crew the ships or the planes.  Our land forces, once the envy of the world are now a joke as shown by the military  who now commit soldiers to jail for doing their jobs and killing the enemy. The whole notion of Britain having a feasible defence force is a farce.  Defending the Realm should be the last area where cuts are made and only then after very careful consideration. 
Cameron believes that we can defend our country with some sort of  “dad’s army reservist squad”. The irony being that, God forbid, should anyone attack our shores this “dad’s army” would be equipped in a similar fashion to their grandparents. 
In conclusion, my opinion is that we are living a lie and a very dangerous lie at that.  This is compounded by the fact that we have a leader and a Chancellor who actually believe their own lies.  They inform us that manufacturing is at an all time high, yet fail to mention the closure of the Goodyear tyre plant in Wolverhampton or, the steel works in Lincolnshire, Scotland and Redcar.  The Government mouthpiece, the BBC, gives out the good news but always manages to leave the bad on the cutting room floor. 
Cuts had to be made in the Welfare Budget, people were becoming to dependent on it. Here again the cuts have been made too quickly and without consideration for those in genuine need.  It is all a political game whereby those involved keep changing the rules as play progresses.
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