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Saturday, 7 November 2015

The difference between the "Vote Leave" and the "Leave.EU organisations [short]

The "Vote Leave" is the Westminster House of Commons and House of Lords group. They have put in, as one of the leaders, an 83 year old man, Nigel Lawson, possibly to ensure the Stay in group wins? Rather peculiar is that one of the directors of this group is listed in Company's House as a former director of a pro EU group. It all seems a little foony (as those in Yorkshire might say) to me.

The "Leave.UK" group is a collection of business people and doners who want to keep the politicians out of this. This is the one that UKIP feel would be the best one to support - I wonder why?

Both "Leave" groups are fighting it out to be chosen to be the official group. Why are they fighting? The answer is simple, read the following:

It will be up to the elections watchdog, the Electoral Commission, to designate which of the groups will become the official "Leave" campaign - though no decision has yet been taken. The chosen group (as well as the official "In" campaign) will benefit from increased spending limits of £7m during the campaign period, campaign broadcasts and a free mail-out to all households. They all get access to public meeting rooms and to the electoral register, and are entitled to public grants of up to £600,000.

So there you have it in a simplified nutshell.

Why you must sign up to Leave.UK if this is your choice.

They need more names, at the time of writing, 250,000 have signed up. They don't ask for much information, and there is nothing to pay. They just need names in quantity to ensure they are the group that is picked.

Remember, if the parliamentary group is chosen, you can be sure there will be people hoping for a peerage, who will do Cameron's bidding, and ensure the "Leaves" lose.


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