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Friday, 6 November 2015

Frederick Forsyth tells us about the wicked Establishment.

Here is part of an article by Frederick Forsyth in the Daily Express. Here is the full article.

I refer to a sort of rift or schism that is developing between the governors and the governed. As for the first-named, I mean the Establishment. There is nothing fictional about the Establishment. Every society across the time zones and the ages has had one. It is not a body with a head office or a president but that does not mean it does not exist.

It is in fact a loose amalgam of institutions and common interest groups whose upper echelons effectively govern and run the country, regardless of which group of politicians believe they are in power. Of all these groups about 80 per cent are in the public sector, meaning they are on the public payroll, wholly subsidised in their high places by the taxpayer without whom they would be nothing.

Only the tycoons, masters of commerce, business, trade and industry pay for themselves. The governed are the rest of us, the broad masses of the people.

We work hard, or used to before we retired. We abide by the law, we pay our taxes. We hope and expect to be governed fairly and reasonably well. In a good society what flows upwards from the people to empower the Establishment is trust, what flows downwards is respect. In a bad society the people regard the governors with mistrust or active dislike and from the governors the lower orders are treated with dismissive contempt.

Despite the extreme ease of communication afforded by modern technology, all in real authority seem to wall themselves off from any contact with customer, client or taxpayer behind impenetrable screens of anonymity or unavailability. The classic recourse is the telephone that never answers, the recorded tape loop that repeats endlessly but masks a phone that is never picked up because no one is there.

If human contact is ever made, anyone in real authority is never available, always off that day, in conference or not in the office at that moment. One knows one is being fobbed off.

Worth reading the rest.

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