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Sunday, 22 November 2015

An interesting story of an Imam (Muslim Priest) who converted to Christianity.

As a Deist, I do not believe in any religion organised to take money from their poor subjects, who are worth billions, nor religious ruled by killings and beheadings, I tolerate the gentler religions, but do not accept them. I call myself an atheist, more out of not having to explain further. But I am a Deist, in that, through observing nature, I feel there is a stonger power somewhere, stronger than anything we have observed on our planet.

The following video is about a young Muslim Imam, who converted to Christianity. This is a brave thing to do, as I am sure all my readers instinctively know, this is a death sentence for the Muslim converting. In fact his father tried to kill him before having a heart attack and falling on the knife he was going to kill his son with.

I wish him well, although in my eyes, he has just moved from one fabrication to another, albeit a gentler one which has moved with the times.



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