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Monday, 19 October 2015

For people unsure or undecided about the EU Referendum

The History of the EU

or how the British public were hoodwinked

Thirty-two minutes of irrefutable proof of how the "Establishment" have lied to the British public over the years.

If you are in the "Stay Camp", it will make you question your decision. And, if you really disbelieve it, add comments with a website which decries the information you are questioning. All links will be checked for advertising and, if so, deleted.

If you are undecided, it will help you with references which are out there in the public domain so you can verify everything said in the video.

If you are in the "Leave Camp", then this will give you all the ammunition you need when discussing matters with friends.

Please make sure this will travel. I have done my bit, with placing this on two websites and emailing it to fifty on my contact list.

What will you do?


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