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Friday, 2 October 2015

How we can save the National Health Service

Different parties are offering to pay in a million, two or even three million to the NHS, but these figures are pulled out of a hat.

If we leave the European Union, immediate savings will be approximately 55% of £53,000,000 a day. Probably much more as the EU return approximately £45M to us but not in cash to the Exchequer but in projects they favour. Probably projects that we don't really require.

For argument, lets say we'll save £30,000,000 .

This is a lot more than £3,000,000 so what more can we do to make our NHS, once again, the envy of the world.

We need to sort out management first. But this has to be an ongoing process over a number of years. My suggestion is to allow their contracts to run on till the end, but reduce the remuneration package on following contracts by a percentage aimed at losing 10% 20% of them. This would probably be a high percentage as they are grossly overpaid. New contracts to run only on a one year annual basis.

We should now give preference to English people, or immigrants who can pass a severe oral test in English. Come to think of it, this language test should also apply to the English staff. It is so important for our NHS staff to have perfect English for reasons of safety to our patients. This, alas, has to be for new staff only, the reason being obvious.

We need crash training courses for new Nurses and Doctors, Not just enough to replace existing staff with poor English, but enough to cater for the huge influx of people who came here under EU law. Remember, under the Geneva Convention, we have to allow the law abiding ones to stay.

If the average age of a nurse or doctor is 20, we must give them an option to retire from nursing or medicine in 25 years, but no pension yet. What they can elect to do is to

  • continue in their profession until such time as they want to enter management
  • enter NHS management until pensionable age.

Within a decade we should have sufficient doctors, and nurses to manage our NHS perfectly, and within two decades, have the management staffed mainly by ex doctors or nurses.

Any money from the £30,000,000 a day left over can be used to replenish and equip our armed forces, build more schools and improve Britain's infrastructure. No more 'deep pit' potholes.


Please comment if you spy any weaknesses here.

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