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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Choosing the right person for the UKIP NEC elections

I have just had a mailing from UKIP and have to choose 6 people from 41 names, a real nightmare.

Over the years I have perfected a method of choosing to try to get "the best man for the job". I have resigned from UKIP four times over the last 20 years and joined them five times, this time as a £1,000 a year Patron. I am less interested in UKIP than I am in getting Britain out of the EU, but that doesn't mean I am not interested in UKIP.

OK, here's what I do...

I type out the list onto two sheets of paper, then go through as follows:

I delete anyone under 21 or over 70 (over 60 then they must have a lot of experience to offer)

I delete anyone under 25 (in this case, nobody).

Anyone coy about their birth date gets deleted. I believe in the equality of effort, not of sex or ethnic birth.

I look at single and married and divorced, in relation to age.

I look at how long they've been in UKIP ever fearful of “plants” from other parties. Two years, deleted, three years, with suspicion.

By now, I amend the list on the computer and the names will fit onto a single page.

I check their occupation to give me some idea how much they can bring to the party.

As yet, I haven't read their candidacy statement.

Out of all those left, I check the women, and choose the best one for one of my choices. It is extremely important to choose at least one woman, but only if they have ability.

Out of those still left, I read their candidacy statement, and mark them out of 10. 10 absolutely exceptional, 1 absolutely no way. When in doubt, I read their other information again.

Then fill the remaining places by the highest score.

Finally, if more than the six names remain, I stick a card onto a dart board with the remaining names!


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