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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Choosing the right person for the UKIP NEC elections

I have just had a mailing from UKIP and have to choose 6 people from 41 names, a real nightmare.

Over the years I have perfected a method of choosing to try to get "the best man for the job". I have resigned from UKIP four times over the last 20 years and joined them five times, this time as a £1,000 a year Patron. I am less interested in UKIP than I am in getting Britain out of the EU, but that doesn't mean I am not interested in UKIP.

OK, here's what I do...

I type out the list onto two sheets of paper, then go through as follows:

I delete anyone under 21 or over 70 (over 60 then they must have a lot of experience to offer)

I delete anyone under 25 (in this case, nobody).

Anyone coy about their birth date gets deleted. I believe in the equality of effort, not of sex or ethnic birth.

I look at single and married and divorced, in relation to age.

I look at how long they've been in UKIP ever fearful of “plants” from other parties. Two years, deleted, three years, with suspicion.

By now, I amend the list on the computer and the names will fit onto a single page.

I check their occupation to give me some idea how much they can bring to the party.

As yet, I haven't read their candidacy statement.

Out of all those left, I check the women, and choose the best one for one of my choices. It is extremely important to choose at least one woman, but only if they have ability.

Out of those still left, I read their candidacy statement, and mark them out of 10. 10 absolutely exceptional, 1 absolutely no way. When in doubt, I read their other information again.

Then fill the remaining places by the highest score.

Finally, if more than the six names remain, I stick a card onto a dart board with the remaining names!


Saturday, 24 October 2015

South Africa and the British left.

Hardly a week goes by that some lefty is talking about South African problems, often hinted their present misfortune was caused by the Apartheid government.

My parents were doing rather well, but I was an avid reader of history from a young age and knew that subjecting a people could never last and often ended in total violence.

At 14, I was caned in front of the Afrikaans school I attended. My crime? It was the writing of an essay in which I suggested that if we gave the vote only to those with Matric, black or white [very few blacks had Matric in those days (1954)] and then concentrated on educating blacks to Matric standard, in about thirty years [1984] there would be an equal number of black and white voters, and the peoples of South Africa would be more used to working with each other.

Anyway, a year later, I left school, I left my parents, and I left my country as I couldn't live under a government which I knew was doomed to fail. I came to the Northern Hemisphere. I have lived in America (three years) and France (three years) and the rest of the time in England. I married an English girl which is why I haven't returned.

The blacks took over in 1994, and at first, everything seemed OK. Then Mandela died, and things have got from bad to worse ever since.

Going back to my first paragraph, I think we have passed the point that the ANC government can blame apartheid for all the ills of the country. The ANC still hate the whites and are doing their best to drive them out. In fact there are about twenty whites in America who have become billionaires. The owner of the Tesla electric cars, Elon Musk, being the more well known. These are the people Jacob Zuma of the ANC doesn't want in his South Africa. Are these guys devastated? Work it out for yourselves.

But now, and lefty broadcasters take note, not only the whites are suffering. The top echelon of the ANC are more interested in increasing their personal wealth than helping the poorer of their black constituents. As for the whites, several of my Afrikaner friends have echoed this. They tell me that even with the government doing all it can to inconvenience them, they are a tough people ** and can fend for themselves. But the poorer blacks are just getting poorer by the day. Nkandla, the presidents palace, cost £19.000,000 to create, about the time we gave South Africa £17,000,000 in aid.

I support two charities in South Africa. One set up to help Afrikaners, and the other set up to assist poor blacks who have landed up in hospital.

** This is the first paragraph in The Great Boer War by Dr Arthur Conan Doyle. [he wasn't knighted then] I have altered it by creating paragraphs to make reading it easier.

Take a community of Dutchmen of the type of those who defended themselves for fifty years against all the power of Spain at a time when Spain was the greatest power in the world. Intermix with them a strain of those inflexible French Huguenots who gave up home and fortune and left their country for ever at the time of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. The product must obviously be one of the most rugged, virile, unconquerable races ever seen upon earth. 
Take this formidable people and train them for seven generations in constant warfare against savage men and ferocious beasts, in circumstances under which no weakling could survive, place them so that they acquire exceptional skill with weapons and in horsemanship, give them a country which is eminently suited to the tactics of the huntsman, the marksman, and the rider. 
Then, finally, put a finer temper upon their military qualities by a dour fatalistic Old Testament religion and an ardent and consuming patriotism. Combine all these qualities and all these impulses in one individual, and you have the modern Boer--the most formidable antagonist who ever crossed the path of Imperial Britain. 
Our military history has largely consisted in our conflicts with France, but Napoleon and all his veterans have never treated us so roughly as these hard-bitten farmers with their ancient theology and their inconveniently modern rifles.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Every British family would be £1,000 better off if we leave

An interesting "part" article from the Daily Express. Link to full art
Revealed: How every British household would be £1,000 better off if we leave the EU
By Scott Campbell Published: 02:45, Tue, Jun 23, 2015 | Updated: 12:55, Tue, Jun 23, 2015 
The UK is overpaying billions for trading benefits with tariff exemptions amounting to just 66p for every £1 paid in, according to Business for Britain
The group claims that quitting would be "quite manageable" because the savings would "vastly outweigh" the cost of supporting the industries that would be hit by the move. 
According to its research, British exports within the EU and 29 countries with trade treaties linked to the bloc in 2013 and found tariffs would have cost the UK up to £7.4 billion if it had not been a member. 
That works out to £3.9 billion less than Britain handed over to the Brussels during the year. visit its page in the Daily Express
British exporters would be hit by an average additional cost on tariffs of 4.3 per cent if the UK severed ties with Brussels. 
The BfB report found the average household "With Britain currently overpaying for access to tariff-free trade, there would be significant scope for a future government to assist industries affected by potential tariffs, and households would also be significantly better off through lower prices.would be better off by up to £933 outside the EU. Britons would enjoy lower prices on food and clothing, it said. 
Around £145 of the annual saving equates to Britain's contribution to the EU budget, while £361 covers agricultural subsidies. 
Matthew Elliott, chief executive of Business for Britain, said: "Supporters of the status quo in the EU often assert that the worst case scenario would result if Britain left the European Union. visit its page in the Daily Express
"However, as these latest excerpts from Change, or Go show, even the so-called worst case scenario would be better than life inside an unreformed EU. 
"With Britain currently overpaying for access to tariff-free trade, there would be significant scope for a future government to assist industries affected by potential tariffs, and households would also be significantly better off through lower prices.
... for the entire article visit its page in the Daily Express.


Monday, 19 October 2015

Get Britain out directors open letter to Lord Rose

Open letter to Lord Rose by Jayne Adye, Director Get Britain Out

Dear Lord Rose

With respect, and as we are great admirers of what you achieved while you were at M&S, it pains us to say that as the Chairman of the new ‘Remain’ campaign, you have been rather cynically used by those spin doctors and politicians who dominate your new campaign. We are afraid many of the so called ‘truths’ of our EU membership which you are now preaching, are quite simply not in accordance with the true facts.

May we give you a few examples?

In your speech on Monday, you stated 3 million jobs are at risk should the public decide to quit the European Union – yet a report by the IEA, backed up by Treasury officials, has proved this to be a falsity. With less than 5% of UK businesses directly trading with the EU, the number of jobs potentially lost in the event of Brexit would be minimal. The only jobs which will certainly be lost in the event of Brexit will be those 73 UK MEPs who will have to find other gainful employment.

Your assurance that the benefits of being in the EU clearly outweigh the costs also fails to ring true. Since 2004, cost benefit analyses (CBA’s) by Britain’s leading economists, have consistently shown the costs of the UK’s membership of the EU outweigh any positives. The net costs have been consistently above £100 billion since 2008, with a £185 billion figure estimated in a detailed 40-page analysis by respected economist Professor Tim Congdon CBE in 2014.

Lord Rose, you are attempting to try and trick voters into believing the EU actually saves British households money are in vain. The cost of damaging red-tape legislation on small British businesses is estimated to be as high as £30 billion, and as the former head of a major company, you should appreciate how this can cause a major strain on those looking to break into the British market.

You have called for Britain to lead change in the EU, yet you have neglected to examine the European Council voting records. The UK has not managed to block a single proposal since 1996, despite attempting to do so 72 times. Please can you explain how we can bring any positive change to the EU when we are constantly outvoted 27 – 1.

It saddens us to see such an eminent businessman as you being manipulated in this way. Whatever happened to your calls in 2013 for fundamental change in the UK’s relationship with the EU in order to preserve ‘Britain’s prosperity’? Why are you now determined to stay in the EU at any cost?

We fundamentally hope you recognise the cynical manner in which you are being manipulated by these minions in Brussels, and will repent this foul betrayal of the Great British Public.

Yours sincerely,

Jayne Adye,

Director Get Britain Out

For people unsure or undecided about the EU Referendum

The History of the EU

or how the British public were hoodwinked

Thirty-two minutes of irrefutable proof of how the "Establishment" have lied to the British public over the years.

If you are in the "Stay Camp", it will make you question your decision. And, if you really disbelieve it, add comments with a website which decries the information you are questioning. All links will be checked for advertising and, if so, deleted.

If you are undecided, it will help you with references which are out there in the public domain so you can verify everything said in the video.

If you are in the "Leave Camp", then this will give you all the ammunition you need when discussing matters with friends.

Please make sure this will travel. I have done my bit, with placing this on two websites and emailing it to fifty on my contact list.

What will you do?


Friday, 16 October 2015

Why the Greenpeace founder resigns from Greanpeace

Following his interview with Breitbart London, Greenpeace founder Dr. Patrick Moore addressed the Global Warming Policy Foundation in London last night, telling them why he left the environmentalist group and became sceptical of man-made global warming.

Here is his speech:

My Lords and Ladies, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Thank you for the opportunity to set out my views on climate change. As I have stated publicly on many occasions, there is no definitive scientific proof, through real-world observation, that carbon dioxide is responsible for any of the slight warming of the global climate that has occurred during the past 300 years, since the peak of the Little Ice Age. If there were such a proof through testing and replication it would have been written down for all to see.

The contention that human emissions are now the dominant influence on climate is simply a hypothesis, rather than a universally accepted scientific theory. It is therefore correct, indeed verging on compulsory in the scientific tradition, to be skeptical of those who express certainty that “the science is settled” and “the debate is over”.

But there is certainty beyond any doubt that CO2 is the building block for all life on Earth and that without its presence in the global atmosphere at a sufficient concentration this would be a dead planet. Yet today our children and our publics are taught that CO2 is a toxic pollutant that will destroy life and bring civilization to its knees. Tonight I hope to turn this dangerous human-caused propaganda on its head. Tonight I will demonstrate that human emissions of CO2 have already saved life on our planet from a very untimely end. That in the absence of our emitting some of the carbon back into the atmosphere from whence it came in the first place, most or perhaps all life on Earth would begin to die less than two million years from today.

But first a bit of background.

Read the rest at the Breibart news website.


Monday, 12 October 2015

Is it possible for English people to do this?

I saw the following tweet on Twitter:

S. Korea was poorer than 9/10 African countries in the 1960s and today it's richer than 9/10 of countries in the world.

Here's a photo of houses along the Han River, Seoul, Korea 1961.

And here is a more recent photograph of the Han River

If South Korea can change themselves around like that in about five decades, Britain can, with a willingness to work hard for such huge rewards for our children and their children to enjoy.

But there is one thing we have to do first, we have to run our own affairs.


A sincere apology :-(

For some reason I stopped getting notifications of people's comments and have now had to manually pass them for insertion.

Please accept my sincere apologies.

I'll try to fix this right now.


Sunday, 11 October 2015

Charles de Gaulle was, in fact, a friend of the British.

The French president Charles de Gaulle on why he vetoed UK membership of the European Economic Community in 1963:

"England, in effect, is insular. She is maritime. She is linked through her exchanges, her markets, her supply lines to the most distant countries. She pursues essentially industrial and commercial activities and only slightly agricultural ones. She has, in all her doings, very marked and very original habits and English traditions. In short, England's nature, England's structure, England's very situation differs profoundly from those of the Continentals."

de Gaulle actually liked the English.

Yes, he hated Churchill for military reasons, but he liked the ordinary people. He knew the Common Market would become political and knew, equally, that this would not suit the British.


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A brilliant and cunning speech!

I listened, in amazement at Theresa May's speech at the Conservative Party conference this week. And, I am not referring to the point that she was emulating Nigel Farage's view totally!

Theresa May anticipated horrendous publicity, from editors of national and local newspapers, furious with her point of view. CityAM says, in its Editor's 'leader column', "Theresa May's speech was mean, pessimistic and borderline sinister". Huge front page headlines in another newspaper says "Fury as May turns nasty".

If you could be a fly on the wall when Theresa sees these headlines and articles, you would see her grinning ear to ear as she knows millions of people all over England will be searching Google and YouTube to listen to her speech. By the end of this week, probably 80% or more adult English people will have read, or watched her speech. And a lot of others too.

What more could a politician wish for? Especially one making a play for the leader's job.

The only problem is, she doesn't mean a word of it.


If you were buying a bottle of good scotch and the choice was the genuine article, or one which was more costlier and likely to make you ill, which would you choose?

The Genuine Article, of course - so vote UKIP.

Friday, 2 October 2015

How we can save the National Health Service

Different parties are offering to pay in a million, two or even three million to the NHS, but these figures are pulled out of a hat.

If we leave the European Union, immediate savings will be approximately 55% of £53,000,000 a day. Probably much more as the EU return approximately £45M to us but not in cash to the Exchequer but in projects they favour. Probably projects that we don't really require.

For argument, lets say we'll save £30,000,000 .

This is a lot more than £3,000,000 so what more can we do to make our NHS, once again, the envy of the world.

We need to sort out management first. But this has to be an ongoing process over a number of years. My suggestion is to allow their contracts to run on till the end, but reduce the remuneration package on following contracts by a percentage aimed at losing 10% 20% of them. This would probably be a high percentage as they are grossly overpaid. New contracts to run only on a one year annual basis.

We should now give preference to English people, or immigrants who can pass a severe oral test in English. Come to think of it, this language test should also apply to the English staff. It is so important for our NHS staff to have perfect English for reasons of safety to our patients. This, alas, has to be for new staff only, the reason being obvious.

We need crash training courses for new Nurses and Doctors, Not just enough to replace existing staff with poor English, but enough to cater for the huge influx of people who came here under EU law. Remember, under the Geneva Convention, we have to allow the law abiding ones to stay.

If the average age of a nurse or doctor is 20, we must give them an option to retire from nursing or medicine in 25 years, but no pension yet. What they can elect to do is to

  • continue in their profession until such time as they want to enter management
  • enter NHS management until pensionable age.

Within a decade we should have sufficient doctors, and nurses to manage our NHS perfectly, and within two decades, have the management staffed mainly by ex doctors or nurses.

Any money from the £30,000,000 a day left over can be used to replenish and equip our armed forces, build more schools and improve Britain's infrastructure. No more 'deep pit' potholes.


Please comment if you spy any weaknesses here.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Naughty but absolutely delicious!

A delicious marketing tool, and what makes it perfect is her cut-glass accent.

I would love to see this on the BBC's nine o'clock news but somehow, don't think so. :-)