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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Who is responsible for that little boy's death?

First of all, let's assume the father is a genuine Syrian refugee. And I am not in any way suggesting he isn't.

He was lucky enough to escape the regime in Syria and managed to get to a safe haven in Turkey, where many Brits, who think Turkey safe, holiday every year.

So we have a father and child now in a safe haven, away from war torn Syria.

But the father decided to keep on travelling to a country where he would have a better financial life. So we must now assume that, instead of a refugee from Syria, this father was an economic migrant from Turkey.

So who is more responsible for this child's death?

The father or the people selling a place on a boat which sank.

And, note, I am not suggesting the father's motives were bad, just that he must take responsibility for his actions.


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