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Friday, 18 September 2015

We need to change the way we pay benefits to everyone.

Under EU law, we are not allowed to treat people who are from outside the UK, who have come here, differently to UK citizens.

We have to make difficult decisions so that people do not come here just for our benefits. It would be inhumane to stop all benefits both to our citizens and to others. Therefore, I am not proposing this.

We have to think of ways to protect ourselves from people who come here to wish us harm, so I am proposing a way to make the troublemakers think twice before "signing on" but normal innocent people, on hard times, don't get penalised.

My idea is to only pay benefits, whether jobseekers allowance, free housing, mobility allowances (the whole gamut) unless they have an identity card showing their photograph, weight and height, blood group, fingerprint and DNA information. The latter could be just a reference number to where it is on file as it is too large to put on a small card.

We need to reintroduce MI7 to handle the Identity Cards, once more, honest people won't give a damn that it is the security services, but troublemakers will feel very uncomfortable going to a building with such a designation.

Troublemakers often cause trouble so having their DNA and fingerprints on file will help the authorities catch up with them.

Benefits are paid through bank accounts usually, but once a quarter they should be paid over a counter showing their identity cards. Their fingerprints then to be matched up to the card to ensure it really is them. At this stage, if they have committed an offence, the police could be waiting for them.

I'd be interested to here the views in comments of anyone opposing this idea, providing you can give good reason for such opposition.


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