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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A natty pair of cameras. One for someone serious about photography, and one for someone who wants something smaller.

Two great  cameras

Both from Panasonic.

These are normal pocket cameras, but one larger than the other. Larger because it can do a little more. However, that is not to diminish the power of the smaller one.

First of all, my larger TZ70.

The above link will take you to the Panasonic official TZ70 page.

This camera's “Image Stabilisation” works very well with this camera's telephoto range. There is no need to mention its digital zoom as the optical range is 24mm, right up to  720mm in 35mm equivalent. This is a 30x zoom. The camera is available in black, or black and silver.

Click on the Specs link, and then the Full Specs link for the full specification.

And, now for the smaller one

The above link will take you to the Panasonic official LF1 page.
My wife found the TZ70 a little too heavy as she hasn't got very strong wrists so I researched a smaller, lighter camera for her, and found the new LF1 which was smaller and lighter. This camera has almost the same specification of the TZ70 except it only has an optical zoom of 7.1x but that takes it up to the 35mm equivalent of 200mm. Not sure of all the colours but it is available in black and my wife bought a shiny white one which has made me a little envious.

Click on the Specs link, and then the Full Specs link for the full specification.

General information:

Both cameras take video and although both take large SDCards up to 64GB, it is only necessary to use cards which lasts as long as the battery in full size mode. This way, if you are on a big shoot, (the TZ70 handles hundreds of shots in a day with ease) and need to change the card because it's full, or the battery if it is spent, you can change both at once so as not to interrupt shooting too much.

Both cameras have an array of buttons on the back, but are reasonably similar on both cameras.

For those who use Photoshop Lightroom on Windows or Mac, or DigiKam on Linux, you'll be pleased that both cameras can shoot in RAW.

And if you are going on holiday to sunny Syria, you'll be pleased to know that both cameras have a viewfinder for when the sun is too bright for the 3” back viewing panel.

Follow this link for Lumix Tutorials on Photography, 

There are tutorials for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced photographers, all provided to help you get more out of your camera.


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