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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Prejudices have no place in an entrepreneur's life

If you were in business and were advertising for staff and you had 4 people to see that day for interviews.

You are a white, English, businessman and you were hiring a new receptionist.

One was white, one was black, one was gay, and the other was in a wheelchair.

Who would you choose?

If your answer was “The one who had charm and empathy and was likeable immediately you met them and they had a quick and ready smile – full of warmth", your business is bound to prosper as your receptionist is the first person a caller meets and their entire trip to your office will revolve around their first experience in your office. Your telephonists are of equal importance.

Your choice has to be concerned with what your clients would feel after entering your office, not by your wishes, prejudices – call it what you will.

I left school at fifteen, and had started, run, and sold a few businesses in my younger days, and I was in business to make money and succeed. I left the charities to look after the people who felt the world owed them a living.

Our politicians are more concerned to have people who went to the same public schools; Eton, Westminster, St Pauls, Winchester, Rugby – to name just a few. They don't seem to know how to find the “best person for the job”. One only needs to look at the state of Great Britain to see that method just doesn't work.

Oh, by the way; I was in a similar situation in the late sixties and hired an African girl from Ghana, in a wheelchair. She was bubbling with enthusiasm for life, I hired her even though I had to make some structural changes within my offices.

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