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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Make your Android smartphone sing!

The new smartphones.

It is most annoying to see more and more smartphone manufacturers moving over to the “wired in battery” format. I can't help thinking that this is caused by instructions from the world's various security services as the only way a phone owner can't have their whereabouts traced is if they take out the battery from their phone. But then, there could always be a capacitor, feeding a small amount of power, to help the tracers even then.

Anyway, if we have to live with it, we might as well make life easier for ourselves.

I want to talk about two, fairly inexpensive devices, which can help smooth the way for the busy power users. The first is battery support and the second is file transfer support.

The first is extra battery power. Most battery power devises are overkill and are heavy. The GMYLE has only 2,500mAh which is almost a full charge for my Galaxy S6 and will also work on the later Apple phones (lightening). Cost? A mere £10.98

The GMYLE weighs 57 grams only and is 9.9cm x 6.2cm by 0.5cm That wouldn't be heavy, even for a three year old! I find I use mine at least three days every week.

The second is extra memory power. Now even some Android smartphones no longer have a slot for an extra memory card so Sandisk have come up with the ULTRA.

This is a really small device, 3cm x 1.5cm x 0.7cm, and weighing in at only six grams.

This has a slider, one way, full USB3, the other way, micro usb for Android. When you add it into your phone, a file manager comes up to help you transfer files.

This can be placed on your keyring and has a memory of either 32gb (£10.85) or 64gb (£18.99)


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