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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

I hope you will know how to defend your family over the next decade or so, this girl will.

Many people in the UK are terrified of guns and would rather be killed by a murderer than defend themselves with such a weapon. Their wish may soon come true.

Being from Africa, I grew up with guns. From twelve years of age I learned how to fire them, strip them, clean and maintain them, and most of all, respect them. I was competent and used to spend my weekends from the age of fourteen in the bush with a small Czech Slavia pistol for personal protection.

I also had the use of an old Manlicher rifle, loaned by a local farmer whose grandfather used it against the British in the Boer war. I used this for obtaining fresh meat for my supper. Bit of overkill when shooting rabbits!

When I cam to Europe, I spent time in the British Army and as I was a good marksman, got on with our armourer in training and had access to a whole gamut of weapons. To hold, not to fire alas. But I did fire a Lee Enfield .45, an Enfield MkIV .303 and the later 7.62 monstrosity of a rifle. Then there was the Sten gun, a cheaper model of the Stirling, firing 9mm rounds. During WW2 the Army captured millions of 9mm rounds and asked for a weapon to fire them, The Stirling was born, at a price of 7/6 (37.5p) per gun!

The purpose of this blog

All this arises since I saw the below video on a Tweet from an American and was very impressed with the woman narrator. She so reminds me of so many South African women I have met.

It's just under fourteen minutes but she puts her point across with honesty and forthrightness.

No ring on her wedding finger, if I were fifty years younger and single, I'd definitely go to America and seek her out!


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