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Sunday, 6 September 2015

An open letter to Samsung's CEO - @SamsungTMRW - a reply is not expected

Dear Boo-Keun Yoon,

I have a Samsung Smart Television and have had your top-of-the-range Galaxy S series. Each year I have bought a new one from when I first bought the S3, then S4, S5 and now own the S6.

I have also purchased the LG L Watch R which I find is superb. I would have preferred the Samsung watch which takes a nano card, but this is why I didn't do so.

I believe, in Germany, it is possible to get another SIM card with the same phone number for a watch. However, this is not permitted in the UK. The best that can be done is to get a second contract (expensive) with a different number. (awkward).

I say awkward as sometimes you will have your phone with you, and sometimes, especially in the hot weather (rare in the UK I admit) just your watch. Having to give out two mobile numbers, and having to pay for two contracts, is not a good idea.

If you want to sell more such watches in the UK, you are going to have to lobby, at government level, for the law to be changed. You are, simultaneously going to have to approach the mobile service providers to get them to join you in this lobbying.

The thing which really saddens me is your decision to “enclose” your battery in your phone. It means that I won't ever get my hands on the Galaxy S7 as I am so unhappy with the S6. I am a very heavy user and the battery doesn't last me anything like a full day. It's OK at home when I can plug it in (I use the phone too much to get much joy from your wireless charger) as I use it (the phone) constantly. My two desktops, Netbook and Notebook, together with my tablet, rarely get used nowadays. Yes, I know, I'm writing this on my desktop.

As I only buy “flagships” this gives me no alternative but to look carefully at LG's G5 when it comes out next Spring.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Ampers Taylor

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