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Friday, 21 August 2015

The God Horus - Egypt 3,000BC

I would welcome any discussion below as I am not 100% certain whether this documented information is, in fact, fact. and, talking about fact, please include any documented proof if you are arguing for or against this.

Horus – Egypt 3,000BC
Born 25th December
Born of a virgin
Star in the East
Adored by three kings
At age of 12 he became a teacher
Baptised at 30
12 deciples
Performed miracles
Walked on water
Betrayed and crucified
resurrected in three days.
There are many other "Gods" with a similar background, here are just a few.

Mityhra – Persia 1200BC

Attis – Greece 1200BC

Krishna – India 900BC

Dionysus – Greece 500BC

Jesus – Bethlehem 1AD

You all know the last one, you can research the rest of them. The best place for research is the British Library, on the Euston Road, between Kings Cross and Euston railway stations. Alas, you have to go back to ancient documents because much of the information, I have been told, is repressed.

A shame, but it seems the authorities who "spread the word" weren't too imaginative in those days.

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