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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Amazon Prime, is it worth the money?

The cost is £79 a year. For this you get next day delivery, even if you order on a Saturday, on all Amazon sales. In addition, although you may not get next day delivery on third party sales, I have found that most third party sellers meet Amazon half way and offer free delivery.

So, how much does the annual Amazon Prime cost each week? £1.52.

I purchase about 200 items a year from Amazon Prime. Last week I ordered a packet of elastic bands so all purchases don't have to be a television or fridge Freezer!

About 120 of these items, for me, are non-urgent and Amazon Prime refunds you £1 if you elect for not having next day delivery. Not cash but as a credit off any Kindle Book or songs (downloaded only). Already I am making a profit of £41 off my annual fee. Yes, I do have a Kindle and I do buy music.

In addition, I can watch hundreds of films on my TV, using my Amazon Prime box, for free. And, next year, this will include Clarkson, May and Hammond's new motor programme, will it be called “Son of top Gear” or “BBC (Best Bullish Cars)? One guy on Twitter suggested “Babes, Bollocks and Cars”.

All in all, the best £79 a year I could spend.


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