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Sunday, 5 July 2015

How good is your school? Would this be a better idea?

Government assessments are not always showing the best results of a school. One of the best reasons for sending a child to a private school is that, apart from teaching the three Rs, they prepare the child for the outside world.

Wouldn't a parent be able to judge a school if the results of each comprehensive, grammar and private school had, by law, to show the following results:

1. The percentage of pupils who went on to get university places.
2. The percentage of pupils who enrolled on a proper apprentice scheme.
3. The percentage of pupils who got other work, showing average salary after a year of leaving.
4. The percentage of pupils who ended up on the dole.

If I were a parent, this would give me a better idea of how successful the school was.

But, for this to work successfully, parents would need to be allowed to send their children to the school of their choice, no matter where they lived.

Can you suggest any additions or alterations to the four points above?

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