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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Tasers are all very well, but...

As most of my readers know, I come from Africa and, in the bush, vets hunt animals in which they want to insert radio trackers. This is so they can study their movements across Africa. Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos, Lions, to name but a few. 
They hunt them in Helicopters, and when near, fire a tranquilliser dart from a rifle. After a short while, the animal collapses, unconscious. The tracker is inserted, the vet and Helicopter moves off. The animal regains consciousness and carries on its way non the worse for the interlude.
I would like our laboratories to work on a less powerful dart which will knock a human out, but only after a minute or so. There is a good reason for this last comment.

When we have riots and huge violent mobs roaming an area, police won't have to get near to them as they do with tasers, so can keep well away from the reach of the angry mob.

When there is looting, or violence en masse, the police can start shooting in the knowledge they won't do any lasting damage or kill anyone. Once a mobster gets hit, he'll know he has a minute or so to get from being trampled underfoot by his colleagues.

The trick, when the police start shooting, is to hit as many as possible so the others can't carry away all the ones out for the count. Once the mob has dispersed, immediate finger prints and DNA samples should be taken before recovery.

If a ringleader gets shot, others will try to carry him away. Immediate action should be taken to disable the people trying to carry him away as these could also be important members of the hierarchy. 

Using this method, nobody gets killed, nobody gets hurt, the police get lots of people to question, and it will be drummed into the extremists that perhaps it just isn't worth it.

A goodly proportion of police sent to establish control should be armed, but not until they have had extensive training, in how to shoot accurately, preferably using rifles with 'scopes, but where to shoot, bearing in mind the villains will start using some sort of protective armour.

Apart from catching the ringleaders, this will establish that perhaps mob violence is not the best way to go about things.
Personally, I'd prefer the use of live bullets. But I did say I come from Africa.

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