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Saturday, 6 June 2015

BREAKING: UKIP will not stop international aid

However, they intend to stop the present system where it goes to help dictators build their armies so as to suppress their people. Then there are corporate jets and helicopters, homes, and holiday homes as far away as Paris where they all seem to want them.

They intend to pour aid into areas which have earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters, where the money and aid can do the most good.

I would like to take the aid idea one step further. And you may be surprised to learn I want to give more money away than UKIP.

I'd certainly cut down our bill for overseas aid, but not nearly as much as many UKIP members would like. You see, I am thinking of the UK economy and I see a way of carrying on helping the ordinary people in these countries and, at the same time, helping our country and our people.

I would not give money. I would give credit which they can use to buy British goods, and employ British experts to help their country grow.

If they have a genuine need for helicopters and road vehicles, they must buy either British, or foreign vehicles totally assembled in Britain.

If their leaders want holiday property, it must be bought in Hackney and cost under a million! They'd all be right at home there.

I would create a special prison sentence where, if a British company colludes with a foreign minister, the entire board will go to court and whatever sentence is handed down, a mandatory five years (no parole) will be added to those company directors sentences. And the same extra sentence imposed upon private British individuals. The small department monitoring this will receive rewards for every sentence handed down, such as a bonus of, say, £500 to each member of staff to ensure they put together a well researched case which will stick in court.

Aid would be cut for that country by 20% for each Briton who is kidnapped and 20% for each Britain murdered or mutilated in any way. If one man is kidnapped, and subsequently murdered, that will be 20% and 20% making a total of 40%. This should focus the minds of its leaders to really protect our people.

Considering all the countries we give aid to, this would help the British economy immensely.


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