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Saturday, 9 May 2015

This one is especially for my South African friends to help explain UKIP

UK Independence Party is not concerned with immigration. This is the biggest non-truth put out by our enemies.

We are concerned with not being allowed to control our borders. This is totally different to being concerned with immigration.

To allow anyone and his cat to come in from twenty-eight different countries, flooding schools, medical practices, hospitals, housing on a totally uncontrolled basis is simply not on.

Our country needs immigrants desperately, we have an ageing population and there are thousands of good jobs which can't be filled. The EU “open borders” policy has filled many of these but has also flooded the country with hundreds of thousands of manual labourers. These people work for below a liveable wage so that many of our workers have to be paid “make up wages” out of welfare so they can live. This is not good for family pride.

In addition, our welfare bill has soared beyond recognition, parents cannot get their children into their local schools and have to travel miles every day. In our emergency wards, waiting time now is between four and eight hours, with patients often having to be kept in ambulances which should be on the road collecting more seriously ill and injured people.

I could get an appointment with my doctor instantly a decade ago, Now I have to phone in and unless I am at death's door, won't get an appointment with the duty doctor that day. And to see my own doctor could take up to three weeks.

Let me give an African example, It would be the same if every country, south of the Sahara, did away with borders and anyone in Africa could go where ever they wished to live, and to get government help if they had no job or money. There are no “ifs” and no “buts”, as this is exactly what the European Union is all about.

UKIP also get a lot of stick wanting to stop Foreign Aid. We don't. We want to stop Presidents buying their executive jets and corporate helicopters on our backs. Take, for instance, Nkandia, where do you think Zuma got all that money from? Britain, and it was money to help your poor and your sick. UKIP would channel money to ensure it didn't go for corruption., or at least do our damned best to make sure.

UKIP want immigrants, but like most other countries in the world, we want to control who comes in. We have a National Health Service which we pay in heavily through taxes. We want immigrants to have insurance until they've paid taxes for five years. We don't want welfare migrants, immigrants must have a job to go to. And we need these people. Most countries outside of the EU have this policy. It is not the International Health Service. We're sorry but we aren't rich enough to look after you. Don't you know we have hundreds of food banks to ensure our people don't beg on the streets?

Next door, one side, I have an Yoruba Nigerian married to a Polish woman, three lovely daughters. They are real friends. I am the only neighbour who he allows in his house in our street! The other side we have a sweet Nepalese couple. I have always particularly liked these people, ever since I served a while with Ghurkas in the British Army.

What I am trying to say is, nationalities are no problem; it is the masses of incomings which harm the very fabric of our society we are against. And I am in no way racist. I judge people on merit and whoever they are, I have an open mind when I first meet them. Unless I know they are of the extreme left! And, I mean extreme. Socialists I don't mind, and breakfast occasionally with one who is our local councillor.

Although I follow and would vote for the DA if I were back in Stellie, I think Helen Zille made a huge error of judgement, sending Ryan Coetzee to help the Liberal Democrat, Nick Clegg and am so glad he failed. Nick Clegg's wife, Miriam González Durántez works as the Head of the EU Trade and EU Relations. It is no wonder he works tooth and nail to help the EU. But even so, Helen is still wonderful and the best thing that has happened to South Africa.

Finally, The EU have admitted that over 75% of British Laws are made, not by the EU Parliament who are rubber stampers, but by the unelected Commissioners. Nobody in Britain voted them in and nobody in Britain can vote them out.

I know the ANC are bad, but even they aren't as bad as having unelected commissioners in, say Kenya, or Nigeria, or even Zimbabwe making all your laws.

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