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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Brexit and the Europeans

The Europeans, especially the Germans, have never understood the will of the English.

As an immigrant with English as my third language, I think I understand them, but only a little, but far more than most other races do.

You only have to look at the two world wars. Britain was hopelessly outnumbered but were the winners in both. I don't know a lot about WW1 but do about WW2. I know the numbers and firepower of the Americans were conducive of us winning when we did, but it was the resolve of the English, more even than the Scots,Welsh and Irish, which held this partnership of nations together.

The English have a really strong resolve to see things through, and if Brexit comes to pass, the English will knuckle down en masse, to make things work.

Our detractors are right, if we left, things will be tough at first, and those that say it could be another 2008 (when the bankers showed how corrupt they really are) could be right, but we'd pull through.

Our detractors also try to frighten us with threats of EU tariffs on our sales to the EU. But, when you consider we buy more than twice as much from them, all a tough Prime Minister would need to say is, OK, please feel free to put any tariff you want on our sales, but we'll put twice as much on our imports. Job done. Remember in Germany, they sell Mercedes, BMW, Audi cars to us, imagine their reaction of tariffs are even considered. And the French with their wine and cheese? We are their biggest world exports of wine.

A sensible government would use some of the money we saved to help British manufacturers travel to far flung countries to sell their goods. This could be interest free to encourage them, and returned through a profits tax until fully paid. We would soon establish markets in the USA & South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Not forgetting the fastest growing markets of India and China. These will be the world's powerhouses for decades to come, we need a presence there.

In the eighties, a new word was coined by IBM called “FUD”. It was to put “fear, uncertainty and doubt” on companies should they buy any other micro computer but IBM. The Europhiles are using FUD in all their arguments for staying in the EU. They are instilling fear, uncertainty and doubt into your minds. It didn't work after a while for IBM, will it with you?

If you don't like being manipulated, stop believing their lies and half truths. OK, I hear you say 'our arguments may be lies and half truths as well'. This is great! You are beginning to think for yourself.

The purpose of this article is not for you to accept anything here that I say. My entire purpose is to ask you to think for yourself, and invest a little time in investigating for yourself. Not for yourself as you'll probably be dead and buried before the result of your actions in the forthcoming referendum come to pass, but your children won't, neither will your grandchildren.

The following is from a Telegraph article, if you follow this link you will see how the figures are made up.
“The UK-based lobby group says that, annually, the total cost of British membership of the 27-member club is £118 billion
“This contrasts sharply with Commission statistics which show that in 2007, the most recent year” for which figures are available, Britain's net contribution to the EU totalled some £3.8 billion.
So, start investigating, you know it makes sence.


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