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Monday, 16 February 2015

Why does it take so long in the UK?

I'm referring to our builders and building companies, and also to the short sightedness of the people commissioning these people to build.

Take the Empire State building in New York as an example.

17th March 1930 - Construction begins, the framework for this magnicent building rises at 4.5 floors a week.

1st May 1931 - This 103 storey building is opened, by President Hoover turning on all the buildings lights from Washington.

And, was it well built? Work it out for yourself as, in 1945, an American B25 bomber crashed into the 79th floor, during heavy fog on a Saturday morning. The building's structure limited the spread of fire and the building was open for business on the Monday morning, just two days later.

Well done America.

In 1994, California's huge earthquake, damaged four bridges  on the Santa Monica motorway. CC Myers who did the work of repairing the bridges and the motorway were given a contract which stipulated it had to be completed in 140 days and there would be a $200,000 per day bonus for each day under the 140 days.

Everybody gave full assistance and the job was finished in just 66 days. This was 74 days ahead of schedule. Everyone shared in the $14,800,000 bonus.

Why such a huge bonus? The closure of that section of the motorway and bridges was costing California as much as $1,000,000 a day. Good thinking, Batman!

Well done America.


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