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Friday, 27 February 2015

Is there a good argument for reducing our MPs to 325? This proves there is!

For the purpose of this article, we won't discuss the upper houses in each country, which are:

535 members in the USA Congress (Upper House).
790 members in the UK House of Lords (Upper House).

Neither will we go into the totals of both houses of each country, which are:

Members of both houses in the USA total 970 members.
Members of both houses in the UK total 1,440 members.

Let's just examine the lower houses of each country (which is where the main work of parliament takes place).

The USA House of Representatives (Lower House) has 435 members which look after 318,900,000 people over an area of 3,800,000 square miles. If we divide these figures by their members we get an average of 87,356 sq miles and 733.103 people per Representative

UK House of Commons (Lower House) has 650 MPs which looks after 64,100,000 people over an area of 93,800 square miles.  If we divide these figures by their members we get an average of 144 sq miles and 98,615 people per MP.

Let us now try and compare each country for the purpose of trying to find out which is more efficient:

If the UK MPs covered the same distances as their American counterparts, we would have 40.5 MPs. (John Bercow for the point five?)

If the UK MPs covered the same number of people as their American counterparts, we would have 5 MPs.

And, this is without taking into account Viviane Reding, an EU Commissioner who has acknowledged that the EU makes 70% of the UK laws - here are some quotes:
“Viviane Reding, one of the EU Commissioners, was over in the week…and she’s saying also that 70 per cent of our laws come from Brussels.” Janice Atkinson MEP, Question Time, 13th February 2014.
“Seventy per cent of the laws in this country are co-decided with the European Parliament.” BBC News, 11th February 2014.
“She boasted about how 70 per cent of UK’s laws are now made in Brussels”, Daily Mail, 11th February 2014.
Therefore the following figures must be taken into consideration.

The USA figures represents a country which makes 100% of their laws.

The UK figures represents a country which makes 30% of their laws.

I am going to ask you to ignore the figures above in bold red, We must take into account that our present MPs are pretty useless, inefficient, and spend much of their time in Parliament's heavily subsidised bars and restaurants.

However, I can see no reason why we can't reduce the number of MPs to 325? This is only half, and remember, their work has been cut down by 70% through EU membership.

Naturally this could be increased to, say, 500 when we leave the EU. This is still a whole lot more than in America, taking our size and population into account.


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