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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

What is really happening in the world today.

Nigel Farage v The New World Order (NWO).

But, before I publish the article, I thought you might prefer to read it in situ from the original blog page.

Please give this blog half hour. Dont judge a book by its cover. It will open your eyes

This year I voted for the first time ever and I voted for UKIP. I’ve never voted before because I firmly believe all the parties are the same, and if less and less people vote eventually non voters will out number voters. This is the case right now and if a party ever emerged with a leader that was truly different who actually had the peoples interest at heart then everyone who thought like me could vote for them and boom! We would have changed history.

I believe that party to be UKIP and the leader of that party to be Nigel Farage and here is why. Bear with me, it’s a long journey. My journey started when I watched the second plane slam into the twin towers and I began to question why.

There is a much bigger situation at play here which 99% of people don’t have a clue about but, it is very important that people understand. All the information is there, you know it all ready, it’s on the TV and in the newspapers but you don’t know it’s all connected. I’m going to help you join the dots.


The EU is a superstate with a secretly unelected president called Herman Van Rompuy and unelected members who decide the laws and then elected members vote on the finer details. It started as a trade agreement called the EEC between 1951-1958 and was a common trade market, then it transformed to a political union in 1993 and then into a monetary union in 1999 with the Euro and finally the last step a united militarised state. No flags, no borders, no individual identities, no democracy. Look at your passport and you have the EU flag, not the flag of your country.

There are plans in place to militarise the EU, Nick Clegg denied it on the BBC on the EU Debate in April 2014 and the next day the plans were leaked on the Internet. It’s called Directive 2009/81/EC. It covers defence procurement. Aircraft carriers and drones and even a united defence force for quick deployment. They even have fighter jets called Eurofighter Typhoon that have been around since 1983 and is co designed between France, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Thanks to the strong values of the British people we avoided getting dragged into the Euro, look at the nations needing bailouts because of the Euro now.

(Link added from today’s Telegraph 29th May in light of confirmation)

That was all part of the first steps to achieving The New World Order. It was an experiment and it worked.

Step two is to superstate the rest of the world. Next is the North American Superstate. Starts with USA, Canada and Mexico and is called NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement and started in 1994. See a pattern? Starts as a trade agreement, then develops.

Then they hit South America, Africa and Asia, China and Russia. Once there are five superstate all with unelected officials we are all fucked, slaves to debt. No votes, no flags, no borders, no individual national identities, no democracy.

But why would five world superstates who are all run by the same unelected NWO need a military? I’ll leave that for you to work out.

They organise this New World Order by creating Order out of Chaos – Ordo Ab Chao. They fuck up countries either economically or militarily or both so they can re-organise them with themselves in control of the government, the banks, the military and the people.

Look at the Greek Government Debt Crisis as just one example of economic control through chaos. The IMF have bailed Greece out with first a €110 billion loan and then a €130 billion loan. All they did was print the money and fly it in secretly on military C130’s into the Greek national bank vaults and in return they seized all government assets worth €50 billion. Assets that have real value.

Greece is now a debt slave to the IMF, for ever. They will never, ever pay off €240 billion and now they have no assets. They even forced Greece to hand over economic control to an ex JP Morgan banker. Order out of Chaos

The precursor to the EU, the EEC came about just six years after the end of WW2. It doesn’t bear thinking about who was really behind starting WW2 or why but it is known that in 1933 Hitler met with Eugenio Pacelli, who later became Pope, and The Reichskonkordat Treaty was signed.
The world was at war 1939-1945 and bankers and arms dealers who backed both sides got very rich. People never wanted war in Europe again and the EEC was introduced as a way to unite Europe peacefully through trade. Countries that trade don’t fight. They create the problem then they solve it. Order out of Chaos.

The EU superstate will be complete once the Lisbon treaty kicks in April 1st 2017. No nation will be able to leave then without consent which is why Cameron won’t give you a referendum until after then. Because then, it’s too late. This excellent blog goes into greater detail of this fact. It is called QMV – qualified majority voting.


North America is next, they have destabilised the US economy and will take away citizens rights to own guns. In the USA they have the Second Amendment to the Constitution which gives them the right to bear arms. Not to protect themselves against other citizens but to protect against tyrannical government.

The 2nd amendment was actually based on the English Bill of Rights of 1689 but they took away our right to bear arms years ago. Now we just queue up and vote and moan about how shit the government is rather than going down there with our guns and kicking them out. We out number members of parliament ten thousand to one by the way. Just saying.

They have tried to get people in the USA to give up their guns and freedoms voluntarily by a spate of mass shooting and terrorist attacks, even Piers Morgan was running and anti-gun campaign.
Sandy Hook the primary school massacre has been potentially exposed as a hoax, Adam Lanza the cinema shooter, there have been mass shooting all over America. Canada has as many guns per person as USA and almost no killing sprees or mass murders. Even the Boston Marathon Bombing is suspicious with all the black ops ex-military types there. Photos and film show there were military contractor from Craft International all around when the bomb went off, Craft International’s founder, whose slogan is ‘Violence does solve problems’, is or was ex-navy seal Chris Kyle. He and a companion were murdered at a gun range two months before the Boston bombings. Killed allegedly by his friend who was suffering from PTSD. How the fuck does an ex navy seal with 180 kills to his name who owns a defence contractor company get murdered at a gun range? The trial is currently delayed awaiting DNA evidence.

They call these False Flags and every major war has been started with one. From the Vietnam War with the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, Iraq and Afgan War with the 9/11 World Trade Centre attack, where three buildings collapsed (Two Twin Towers and WTC7) even though only two planes flew into them. The planes hit at 8:46am and 9:03am and then an hour and a half later were blown up into dust! WTC7 collapsed at 5:21pm in what experts describe as looking like a controlled demolition, although no plane hit it.

For days after, the ground at ground zero was so hot it melted rescue workers boots. That’s thermite people, building don’t explode into dust just because a plane hit it. Oh and you don’t find a passport of a terrorist amongst the dust either. Ex CIA whistle blower Susan Lindauer has a lot to say about that.

Even Hitler started WW2 with the Reichstag Fire, firebombing Germany’s own parliament and blaming it on the socialists resulting in the creation of the Nazi party.

Americans are arguing now over these gun rights. Obama’s Democrats want guns banned and the Republicans want to maintain their constitutional right to keep theirs. Republicans get called out as racists and homophobic old white men by the Democrats but actually The Republican Party was started to combat black slavery so maybe not so racist. It is rumoured that the KKK’s original target was Republicans both Black and White. Where else have we heard a libertarian political party being called racist homophobic old white men by people who don’t agree with their view on freedom and democracy? More on this later.

This has potential to get very bad in the USA. Dare I say civil war? US government have built FEMA camps all over America, and homeland security have plans to buy over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. That is about 5 rounds per American citizen. Americans won’t give up their Constitutional Rights without a fight and someone knows this.

Mexico which has stricter gun laws, last month relaxed these laws in some areas and now citizens are actively being given guns to defend against the drug cartels and criminals who smuggle drugs into the USA. Mexico can see what’s happening, smaller freer countries always can.
It’s even been leaked that the CIA are supplying the drug cartels with guns. More on the drug trade later too.


Africa is next inline for some chaos. Centralised around Nigeria and Kenya, the economic hubs of Africa. Take The Westgate Mall shooting by al-Shebab or Boko Haram who have recently kidnapped those girls. Boko Haram are CIA funded. Hilary Clinton even blocked them from being designated as a terrorist organisation for two years, so funding could continue. These terrorists are there to cause problems so military can intervene and take over the African states. How many people cried for military to jump in and find the girls. We were elated to hear SAS might be used. Boots on the ground! War is coming.

Remember Kony2012? The YouTube film Invisible Children with 99 million views. “Why aren't we sending military in there?” Everyone shouted. It was a CIA psyop to test the use of social media as a tool to gain support for military action in Africa. It worked, people would have donated their whole paycheque to bomb Joseph Kony right? He either never existed or was already dead. That’s been leaked too.


Do we even need to talk about the Middle East? Is it not obvious what they did there.
We all know Iraq was about oil. I mean they didn't go in and steal the oil in the traditional sense. Saddam and Gaddaffi and a few others from places like Yemen and Syria decided they didn't want to use the Dollar to sell their oil anymore and they could break away from OPEC and go it alone. They were going to create a gold based currency, the Gold Dinar. Not a fiat currency like we have that’s actually worth fuck all. America didn't like this because it would cause world wide demand for the dollar to fall, no, plummet.

Well, skip to the end and Saddam and Gaddafi are dead. Syria is a mess and Yemen was hit by cruise missiles but you didn't get told about that. We all witnessed much of this anyway, many of us have friends and family who went there and fought, I do. Some of us will know people who died for that cause. Not to mention the millions of Iraqis, oh and the Weapons of Mass Destruction – WMD’s… Did they ever find them? Perhaps we could ask weapons expert David Kelly, oh but he committed suicide according to the Hutton enquiry.

In between Gulf War 1 and 2 we invadedSOUTH AMERICA Afghanistan which has no oil. But it is the largest poppy and heroin growing country in the world. Well we went there to defeat the Taliban, yes the guys the SAS trained and our government funded in the 1980’s to fight the Russians. How did a group of Taliban take on Russia? I mean those SAS boys are good but? Well CIA gave them a load of stinger missiles and once a couple of Russian Hind attack helicopters got smashed out the sky Russia backed off. Never got those stingers back by the way and if you find one you can return it to the USA for a bounty of about £35,000.

Thirteen years of the military occupation of Afghanistan from the largest military (USA) and the best military (UK) in the world, with the goal to remove the Taliban and destroy the heroin trade and they have done neither. Production of heroin has increased to record levels. The drug trade is one way they fund the NWO. Tax free you see.

The other way is from Green taxes. How does paying 20% tax to the EU on energy consumption, stop climate change?

Now let me be clear, I am not suggesting our military know what’s going on. By all accounts most of the military action took place in just one area of Afghan while special ops and CIA took care of other areas. There is a very good documentary called Dirty Wars by Rick Rowley that goes into much further detail about this.

I could go on and talk about Ukraine and how NATO and EU caused the uprising and overthrew the democratically elected government there. I could talk about how when people were getting shot by snipers both Police and opposition protesters were shot with high calibre sniper rifles to the chest and head, or how Baroness Caroline Ashton and an Estonian official were recorded talking on the phone about a raid in Ukraine. No wonder Putin invaded, and let’s be honest, almost completely peacefully, Crimea. It is his military base for the Black Sea, it’s his Alamo. He won’t give that up. Putin knows the deal. He doesn't want to get sucked into war, he even said USA and NATO are forcing a new Cold War. I don't want to go into Ukraine because it is still playing out.

However the papers have done a great job ensuring we all know Prince Charles thinks Putin is the new Hitler. You really think that just leaked out? Charlie Boy a veteran Royal accidentally said the wrong thing? Fuck off. Putin and Russia are the bad guys, that’s the message people.


Next is South America, look at the trouble they are having in Venezuela, the fifth largest oil producing county in the world. I need to do a lot more research on the situation there but again, it doesn't look good.


This is the New Word Order plan in action right under everybody’s nose.

Anyone who opposes it is labeled a racist. It’s a good way to get you to back down and comply.
Putin won't play ball, he’s the next Hitler so he’s a racist. Even little old Cliven Bundy who stood up to the US government. He’s a racist. He refused to be illegally kicked off his land, that his family have had grazing rights to for a hundred plus years. He stood up, and I do mean stood up, toe to toe, guns to guns to the US governments military land police. He believed in his amendment rights and stuck to them and the militarised land police backed down. The media got wind of this landmark win against tyrannical government so they called him a racist. This wasn't even on the news over here but in the USA this was huge! Look up Bundy Ranch.

This brings me nicely to the point. Everything you read about or see on the news is part of the plan. You don’t get told anything they don't want you to know. Now here is the kicker.


I firmly believe Nigel Farage of UKIP knows all this. He knows what is going on and he wants to stop it. He even eluded to the fact that he respected Putin and I know what he means. Farage and Putin don’t want WW3 and I’m fairly sure the NWO do. Can’t have order without chaos and WW3 sounds like it would be pretty chaotic to me.

The problem is, even as you are reading this you probably think this is all too far fetched. If the 9/11 bit just blew your mind or you don’t believe that was a false flag you are no where near ready and I suggests you look into that first. If you are still with me here’s what to do. Turn off your TV and turn on your Internet. Google it. It’s all there. How do you think I know?

Farage wants, not just the UK out but to collapse the EU completely before it turns violent. He has said that publicly, he want France and Germany to follow us in leaving. But Nigel can’t go on TV and say “We should leave the EU to stop the New World Order.” Most people would not understand, he’d get labeled as a conspiracy nut and they will probably have him killed. He already survived a plane crash in 2010, I’m not saying it was suspicious. But when planes carrying people who take on the NWO crash, I start asking questions. Well I'll leave that up to you as well.

The point is, in order to get the country to vote for UKIP and stop this happening they have to talk on a level that the average person can understand. From people who watch Jeremy Kyle and read the Sun to well educated types with liberal socialist views who haven’t had the exposure to this knowledge.

Remember Cameron and Clegg and Miliband all, either know the game and are involved or they are so inept they shouldn't be in government. Let me be clear, it is the former. Miliband says no to a referendum and Cameron promises it after it’s too late. There will be no, or should I say, can be no reform. Herman Van Rompuy has admitted that. He’s the EU president remember, just in case you forgot his name because, you didn't even elect him.

So UKIP talk about issues that affect regular people, UKIP actually talk about lots of issues from schools to the national debt that we owe to the IMF and also immigration. You can’t replace tyrannical government and not have a plan. Look at Egypt, they kicked out Mubarak but didn’t have a plan and now they have The Muslim Brotherhood. The reason you hear mostly about immigration is because firstly it is a debate that people will buy into and secondly, the media need you to understand that Nigel is a racist and UKIP are racist. It’s the same tired tactic and it works. Well fuck that.

Now there are idiots in UKIP, I'm not excusing that, talk about any issue and you'll get idiots talking too. Talk about immigration and you'll find people with racist views. That’s right, not racists but racist views. People aren't racist, they learn it. But that’s for another time.

It is worth mentioning however that, sadly in the UK we have the BNP. But they do have a purpose. They help prove a point. Yes I wholeheartedly agree the BNP are a deplorable party with racist views. If UKIP was a racist party and the UK was full of racists that recently voted. Then why did UKIP get about 25-30% of the public vote and BNP get almost none? The UK isn't racist and neither is Nigel Farage.

I’m not able to speak for all UKIP supporters or even UKIP members. I’m here for me and what I know to be true.

But I believe in my heart we are in major trouble. The future looks shit. Farage and Lord Monkton are the only people in the country who are fighting the NWO. Nigel never talks about it on TV or in the paper but he does talk about itSOUTH AMERICA in the USA because over there they are much more clued up, I’m sorry to say, and many people know the truth.

YouTube is full of videos of Nigel Farage and even Lord Monkton talking to Alex Jones. Alex is the leader of the movement to wake people up to the truth. I know what’s going on, I have done since I found out 9/11 was an inside job.

There are no Muslim terrorists, no Al qaeda, no Boko Haram, there was no Joseph Kony in Africa it’s all lies to divide us and rule us. Well at least there wasn’t until these groups were created and radicalised by CIA or MI6 assets.

Divide and rule or divide and conquer has been used since Caesar. These NWO global domination types study the Roman Empire, Greek philosophy and high level stuff. They know how to play the game. Whilst at school we learnt to be good slaves, sorry employees who don't question what they feed us.

We need to unite and fight this together not be divided and call each other racists, nazis, socialists, communists, capitalists, homophobes and worse. I am as guilty of calling names to people who oppose my view as much as I have been called a racist and a nazi back. Irony is we are all the same, we are all victims of what’s going on.

I don’t predict a good future. The Government sold all our gold reserve for next to nothing, gold has tripled in value since. It doesn't matter whether is was Brown and Blair under Labour or Cameron under Tory, they all have the same agenda. USA doesn’t look good either, the privately owned Federal Reserve has never been audited and the dollar is predicted to collapse. The Middle East is war torn and African is next.

China and Russia are buying gold bullion like it is going out of fashion. If or when the fiat currencies collapse, that’s the Dollar, the Pound and the Euro we will be truly fucked. But the Western Empire is due to collapse soon anyway. Every empire does after a period of decadence and a new empire pops up. Probably China and Russia.

Who knows what the NWO have in store for us. Remember order out of chaos, and we’ve had it pretty good up till now. It’s going to get shitty.

Unless we pull out of the EU and collapse it, return to free self governing nation states, deny the corrupt banking system set up on Jekyll Island in 1910 run by the Rothschilds and alike. Unless we unite as one human race we will be truly fucked. The NWO who meet at places like The Bilderberg Group and Bohemian Grove probably number in the low thousands maybe not even that. There are 7.165 billion of us. We could just a tell them to fuck off.

(Link added 29th May. Proof of Builderburg agenda)

Everything I’ve written as fact is fact, research away. It’s all out there and that is why the Internet must always be free. They are even trying to censor that in case you offend someone, I wonder why?

Knowledge is power people. Don’t fight each other and we can fix this, survive and prosper. I truly believe the first step is to remove our corrupt government and get out of this unelected, undemocratic EU superstate before it is militarised. Nigel Farage is our best hope of that.

That’s why I voted UKIP.


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