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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Are you constantly blaming the wrong people?

Unfortunately, most folk don't look beyond their nose to apportion blame.

Immigration for example. It is totally unfair to blame Europeans coming here looking for work. Can you really blame them, especially since they are allowed by not only our almost entire Parliament, but by the EU Commissioners as well.

Take belonging to the EU for example. Don't be hoodwinked by the “great Common Market lie”! Why, when Edward Heath was interviewed on television – after the Common Market had morphed into the European Union – he was asked this question: “Did you know the Common Market was the forerunner to a political union”? His very words in answer was: Yes, of course I bloody did”!

Our politicians not only signed us up with subterfuge, they are fighting tooth and nail to stay in. Unless you trust David Cameron to honour his pledge for a referendum in 2017? I'm afraid this would be asking just too much of me.

What about Starbucks, Google, Amazon – I could go on... why the uproar of them avoiding paying tax in the UK? The EU passed a law allowing them to choose which EU country to pay their tax to. Can you blame them for choosing a country with lower taxes?

And, Bob Comfort, the former head of tax for Amazon, claimed Jean-Claude Juncker had fiercely courted the online giant, behaving as a “business partner” and “helping solve problems”.

If I was Bulgarian, I'd move here pretty damn quick. And if I had an international company, I'd locate in Luxembourg for tax purposes.  Wouldn't you?

We really should look beyond our noses, and apportion blame where it belongs.


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