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Thursday, 27 November 2014

You don't have to be a bum. Get out of your comfort zone!

There are rich people and there are poor people. The poor people aren't stupid, they just haven't reached their true potential. They differ as Conservatives to Socialists. Those that say, “Yes, I can do it” and those that say, “No I can't possibly”.

One of the more debilitating reasons for not progressing is remaining in your “comfort zone”. Unless you stretch yourself and leave this zone, you will have very little chance of bettering yourself.

When I was in the army, right at the beginning, when we had to fill in huge questionnaires to see where our leanings were, I met this guy who was a dustman (now termed a refuse collector) in civvy street. After his questionnaire and tests, they sent him on a nine month electronics course. I kept in touch with him and found he travelled the world, repairing cypher machines at our embassies.

When I was a district surveyor (salesman) for Rentokil, I thought one of the servicemen, who put down the poisons to kill rats, mice and cockroaches, could do better for himself. So I took him under my wing and helped him learn about selling. He became a salesman, then went out to the Middle East and sold luxury yachts, then rose to become a sales manager, and finally married his long time girlfriend. A nice upper-class girl whose parents wouldn't entertain John but changed their mind when they saw how he had bettered himself.

Both these guys moved well out of their comfort zones. And, in doing so, became successful.
Although “The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey” is a book written for managers, it is a good book for everyone to read, as it will show you how to identify a good boss. Out of print now but prices for a second-hand book on Amazon UK range from a penny upwards. And if you better yourself and become a manager, this book will enable you to be an excellent one. Quite short at 155 pages.

It is important to have a reasonable command of your language. You should be able to write in a passable way. You need to be able to spell, understand rudimentary grammar and know where to put your apostrophes. A knowledge of other punctuation would also be useful. This is quite important to an educated boss. Maths for most jobs isn't as important, but a good knowledge of arithmetic is important. OK, I know calculators are used everywhere, but can you look at the answer and know whether you've made an error? That's it, for the majority of jobs. Night school might be useful if you want to rise up to the very top.

Having said that, when I hitch-hiked, in army uniform, from Catterick to Brighton, I was picked up by a Bentley and the driver was a man in his fifties in a Saville Row suit. He stopped and purchased a newspaper and gave it to me and asked me to read it aloud for him. He had three large scrap metal yards with three sons as managers. But he couldn't read or write. Never had any education. There's a moral here somewhere, not sure what it is though!

What I am trying to say is: Move out of your comfort zone if you want to move up.

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